Class 5 Boy's Preseason Power Rankings

In the battle of the big boys, it is no surprise three of the top four also happen to be some of the largest schools in the entire state. However, you also need talent, commitment, and work ethic. All four schools have those qualities year in and year out. Blue Springs has great balance and a number of blue chip recruits in a variety of events. SLUH has had a lot of press over the years including a full-length book by their old head coach and Big River co-founder. But, the school deserves a nod for being in the conversation most years for a state trophy. Jefferson City has one of the most enthusiastic fans in the state (yes you Dizzy) but they also have a great squad year in and year out. A top notch tradition and the state meet will be in their back yard till I retire. What an awesome advantage. Park Hill South will lean on their speed and power events to cover a lot of their points. Nylo Clarke is an absolute stud and has the chance to be all-state in the 100, 200, and 400 dashes. This is a rare feat in modern high school track but Nylo might be able to channel the ghosts of the past like Raven Rogers and Darron Davis who accomplished the same task decades ago. Note that the points have been doubled over a traditional score to see who has depth in addition to individual stars. Relays were not included in the raw scores due to the fact most boy's relay teams are heavily dependent on senior talent. 





Team Scores

1Blue Springs High School150
2St. Louis University High School114.75
3Jefferson City High School114
4Park Hill South High School93.5
5Poplar Bluff High School92.5
6Lafayette (Wildwood) High School85
7Raymore-Peculiar High School84.5
8Lee's Summit West High School82.5
9Lee's Summit High School82
10Park Hill High School78