2017 Fantasy Cross Country - Draft Recap and Preview

This past Saturday, 11 men - some young, some old - descended upon the St. Louis Bread Company on Big Bend and Clayton in St. Louis to partake in the 2017 Fantasy Cross Country Draft. This league has been active for a number of years and only recently has received attention from milesplit (see last year's write-up on the league). Yours truly was able to be involved in the draft this year after being stuck with an auto-drafted team last year. We now present to you the 8 teams that make up this year's Fantasy Cross Country League. Who do you think will win it all?

The basic rules are that each team must set their team by 4:00pm Tuesday of each week with their Top 7 runners out of the 10 on their roster. At this time, add/drops can be made from the roster and will end Thursday. If an owner does not declare a new Top 7 at the beginning of each week, then the previous week's Top 7 will be assumed regardless of whether or not everyone is actually racing. Runners are locked into whichever race they run first in the week unless otherwise declared by the owner. Any non-5K times will be converted and scored. A team's score is based on whichever 5 of their 7 run fastest. League standings are calculated based on where the team finishes during the week and is scored like track. For example, if Team 1 wins the week, they score 10 points for that week. There is no gambling involved in this league as it is simply for the fun of it.