Fantasy Cross Country: Week 1 Review

"Mistakes were made..."

That was my response when I took a look at my results from the first week of the fantasy cross country season. Coming in as the preseason low-scorer in regards to preseason rankings, I felt confident about my boys. But one thing I neglected to do was put in the fastest 5K in the state last week into my lineup. Ryan Flood rode the bench as three of my boys failed to record times (Carson Sanders is sidelined with an injury, Gabe McClain was sat out of Grain Valley, Ryan Riddle did not record a time -- that we have seen --, and we're still waiting on results from the Jackson Invite and Ean Buffington.) Had I have started Flood, he would have gotten me a 10 spot and vaulted me to at least 7th, pushing close to 6th. Instead, Isaac Ashton's 17:04 was my top time this week... Thus, my start to the season was not ideal. 

But, in a week that included some blazing fast 2 Miles, some teams were helped out immensely by the decision to convert the 2 Mile times into equivalent 5K's. As a result, Max McDaniel was the low-man of the week as his 9:49 at Fleet Feet Arnold converted to a 15:23. In fact, many of the fastest times on the week were converted 2 Mile's. Tyler Rodvelt was the fastest actual 5K (on an active roster) as he went 16:24 at Lutheran North. Team Wang was the run-away winner this week with 53 points. He benefited from solid performances out of his two Rockhurst boys and Lafayette's Nassim Oufattole. Team Spe's McDaniel pick at 4th overall paid off for him and Ben Burnett and Nathan Reed also turned in solid converted 2 Mile times. These point totals will be tallied up throughout the season as it is reverse scored in a track-style. Results could also change once the Jackson Invite results are received. You can see how it all shook out below:

1Max McDaniel15.23Spe1Spewak698
2Kevin Koester15.47Hackett2Hackett807
3Jared Neikirk15.53.1Szabo3Szabo866
4Tom Seitzer15.53.2Hackett4Rubin/Hoffman1015
5Ben Burnett16.01Spe5Farber1154
6Peter Campbell16.05Wang6Crowe1563
7Jimmy Dietrich16.06Szabo7Deeken1602
8Andrew Conner16.06.1Wang8
9Nassim Oufattole16.08Wang9
10Harrison Brown16.19Szabo10
11Tyler Rodvelt16.24Rubin/ Hoffman11
12Nick Warmann16.24.1Farber12
13Nathan Reed16.25Spe13
14Connor Kingsland16.28Wang14
15Drew Reis16.33Hackett15
16Edward Wilhite16.40Wang16
17Cole Biesemeyer16.52Rubin/ Hoffman17
18Andrew Lofgren16.56Farber18
19C. Palmer17.00Rubin/ Hoffman19
20Alex Dukes17.00Rubin/ Hoffman20
21Kyle Anderson17.04Spe21
22Thomas Nield17.04.5Farber22
23Isaac Aston17.04.8Deeken23
24Jack Crull17.01Hackett24
25Mason Gaines17.05Crowe25
26Billy Driemeyer17.07Farber26
27Easton Sabala17.17Deeken27
28Cole Stephans17.20Crowe28
29Kylan Rottinghaus17.21Spe29
30Dean Frossard17.31Szabo30
31Sean Deeken17.34Deeken31
32Gage Worley18.10Crowe32
33Alex Szabo18.17Crowe33
34Mac Redohl19.11Rubin/ Hoffman34

Roster moves also took place between Sunday and Tuesday. Here are the updated rosters heading into Week 2 (added athletes are italicized):