Fantasy Cross Country Week 3: So Close to Three Straight

In Week 3, Team Wang almost made it 3-for-3. He has now won twice and finished 2nd this week by 21 points to Team Hackett. It looks like these two teams may be the cream of the crop in the league at the moment. 

Hackett, the winner on the week, benefited from 3 of the 4 best performances of the week. Victor Mugeche, Kevin Koester, and Tom Seitzer were 1-2-4 and Blake Selm was not too far behind in 11th. With a better week from Jack Crull, Hackett would have one of the best weeks in recent memory. It's looking like the Mugeche pick at #2 is paying off for him and the later round sleeper picks Seitzer and Koester are coming up big, too. Team Wang continues to benefit from a breakout by Oaklee Hauschild and could have been a little closer with a better day by Nassim Oufattole. Wang is still looking very solid going forward. He made the quick pickup of Brady Bauder from Kickapoo after his nice performance at SWCCCA and Bauder returned the favor with a similarly solid performance at Forest Park. That may be a key moving forward as he matches well with Peter Campbell, Andrew Connor, and Matyas Csiki-fejer. How we let these two teams get this stacked is beyond me... Coach Crowe was the most active owner this week, making four roster moves as he finds himself in last at the moment. 

As for me, I had another solid but not amazing week. Riddle took another week off and I didn't get the low scorers I needed to do some damage. Ryan Flood was solid for me this week, but he will be off in Week 4 so I still won't have my full team altogether at once this week. With four of my boys at the Stampede this week, though, it could be a fast week, especially if Riddle tries to chase down the 15:00 barrier and get that follow back from MoMileSplit twitter. I'm sitting 4th at the moment, just behind the man who faithfully keeps the same lineup every week, Team Spewak, but this Stampede week with all the STL kids either running Parkway Central or Sioux Passage or taking the week off could be a big one for yours truly. 

Check out the full results from Week 3:

1Victor Mugeche15.27HackettWang718
2Kevin Koester15.53HackettRubin/Hoffman807
3Oaklee Hauschild15.58WangDeeken1046
4Tom Seitzer16.03HackettFarber1095
5Max McDaniel16.14SpeSpewak1254
6Ryan Flood16.19DeekenCrowe1493
8Harrison Brown16.23.2Szabo
10Peter Campbell16.29.3Wang
11Blake Selm16.29.9Hackett
12Andrew Lofgren16.32FarberOVERALL SCORES
13Nassim Oufattole16.34WangWANG28
14Brady Bauder16.34.6WangHACKETT25
15Billy Driemeyer16.35.0FarberSPEWAK18
16Christian Procell16.35DeekenDEEKEN15
17Mark Venable16.35CroweRUBIN/HOFFMAN14
19Zane Yates16.37FarberFARBER12
21Andrew Connor16.42.2Wang
22Pat Hetlage16.42.5Crowe
23Kyle Anderson16.45.2Spe
24Nathan Reed16.48.4Spe
25Gabe McClain16.49Deeken
27Zach Grover16.49.7Farber
28Eastan Sabala16.50Deeken
29Morgan Cauveren16.53Deeken
30Brenden Crews16.54.2Crowe
31Anthony Lloyd15.54.5Wang
32Jack Crull16.58Hackett
33Charlie Teeter17.02Hackett
34Jacob Ewer17.06.4Spe
35Jared Neikirk17.06.7Szabo
36Thomas Nield17.08Farber
38Ryan Mata17.14Crowe
39Kylan Rottinghaus17.21Spe
40Jonah Loewe17.25Spe
41Matt Hauser17.30Hackett
42Alex Szabo17.36Crowe
43Haddon Spikereit17.42Deeken
44Parker Canfield17.52Crowe
45Jackson Letcher18.06Szabo
46Dillon Grover18.21Farber
47Dean Frossard18.41Szabo

Rosters heading into Week 4 (italics indicates new additions):