Fantasy Cross Country Week 5: Stop, Hackett Time

Same story, different week, slightly different order. Team Hackett ran away with Week 5 using impressive performances at Rim Rock and a fast course in Arnold to his advantage. Victor Mugeche was the fastest of the week once again and demolished the field at Rim Rock with his 15:27. Kevin Koester of Hillsboro is turning out to be a late round steal for Hackett as he turned in another stellar race this weekend, going 16:00 for the win at Ed White Warrior Invite. Tom Seitzer and Blake Selm both ran the tough course at Rim Rock well also, coming across the line in 16:03 and 16:25 respectively. With four under 16:30 and Christian Baker at 16:57, Team Hackett beat out Team Wang by 35 points. Oaklee Hauschild, Wang's #1, was #2 on the week behind his teammate. Peter Campbell and Keifer Dooley both came up big for Wang at 2 and 3 and Andrew Connor's 16:42 and Nicholas Ondr's 17:16 did not drag him down too much as he was able to secure 2nd. What's truly incredible is that Team Wang still finished 2nd and had two sub-16:20s on his bench in Nassim Oufattole and Matyas Csiki-fejer, who he thought were running at Hancock and not Rim Rock. Team Farber benefited from a 15 second 1-5 split to grab 3rd and Team Szabo was back for a 4th place finish, led by 3 sub-16:30s from Harrison Brown, Ben Stasney, and Ethan Hutchinson. 

It was a rough week for Team Deeken this week. Ryan Riddle was not only my only sub-16:00, but also my only sub-17:00. Tough courses took their toll on most of my boys from Rim Rock to Griak to Hermitage and on. As a result, I was 7th on the week. With a number of runners travelling to Chile Pepper and Capital City (relatively fast last year), I'm hoping to make a push back into the Top 4 overall. I'm sitting 5th at the moment, but very close to 3rd still. Team Wang and Hackett are way out in front and don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon..

1Victor Mugeche15.27HackettWang858
2Oaklee Hauschild15.48WangFarber917
3Ryan Riddle15.56DeekenSzabo986
4Kevin Koester16.00HackettRubin/Hoffman1065
5Tom Seitzer16.03HackettCrowe1194
6Peter Campbell 16.11WangDeeken1443
7Harrison Brown16.14.6SzaboSpe1492
9Max McDaniel16.18.7Spe
10Blake Selm16.25Hackett
11Ben Stasney16.27.1SzaboOVERALL SCORES
12Pat Hetlage16.28CroweWANG41
13Ethan Hutchinson16.29.5SzaboHACKETT41
14Nick Warmann16.29.1FarberSZABO30
15Ben Burnett16.32.1SpeRUBIN/HOFFMAN27
16Andrew Lofgren16.32.3FarberDEEKEN25
17Keifer Dooley16.33.9WangSPEWAK23
18Jacob McCrackin16.42.1FarberFARBER21
19Andrew Connor16.42.1WangCROWE17
20Gibbens 16.43.7Rubin/Hoffman
21Zach Grover16.44Farber
22Zane Yates16.44.9Farber
23Boys 16.45.2Rubin/Hoffman
24Eli Guzman16.47Crowe
25Mark Venable16.47.25Crowe
26Rouse 16.51.6Rubin/Hoffman
27Alex Geoghagen16.51.7Crowe
28Jimmy Dietrich16.51.8Szabo
30Christian Baker16.57.2Hackett
31Mason Marshall17.00.9Crowe
32Thomas Nield17.06.6Farber
33Easton Sabala17.08Deeken
34Ryan Flood 17.08Deeken
35Biesemeyer 17.10.8Rubin/Hoffman
36Drew Reis17.12.2Deeken
37Jace Hull17.12.2Crowe
38Haddon Spikereit17.12.7Deeken
39Jackson Letcher17.15.1Szabo
40Brendan Crews17.15.7Crowe
41Nicholas Ondr17.16.1Wang
42Joseph Dawson17.16.5Hackett
43Jonah Loewe17.20.2Spe
44Anthony Lloyd17.20.8Wang
45Kyle Anderson17.35.2Spe
46Nathan Reed17.38.6Spe
47Alex Szabo17.45.9Szabo
48CB Procell17.50.6Deeken
49Jacob Ewer17.56.5Spe

Updated Rosters (italicized athletes are new additions):