MoMileSplit Subjective Rankings #2: 9/18-9/30

Class 1 Boys


15. Max Davies - West Platte (Previous: 11; Change: -4)

14. Jonathan Brown - Summit Preparatory School (Previous: 10; Change: -4)

13. Nathan Ford - New Haven (Previous: 12; Change: -1)

12. Sean Lowry - Wheaton (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

11. Tim Madden - New Haven (Previous: 9; Change: -2)

10. Jesse Schultz - Lutheran Kansas City (Previous: 14; Change: +4)

9. Jesse Weinstein - Salisbury (Previous: 6; Change: -3)

8. Peter Fowers - Laquey (Previous: 8; Change: 0)

7. Christian Hinrichs - Lutheran Kansas City (Previous: 13; Change: +6)

6. Braeden Decker - Humansville (Previous: 4; Change: -2)

5. Garrett Fessler - Salisbury (Previous: 5; Change: 0)

4. Joseph Rethemeyer - New Haven (Previous: 3; Change: -1)

3. Evan Smith - Chadwick (Previous: 7; Change: +4)

It's been a roller coaster season in the rankings for Smith, but after a 17:07 on the state course, a time that would have had him just barely 4th in 2016, Smith appears ready to make good on his stellar track PRs this past spring (4:33 and 10:17). 

2. Chase Ratliff - Weaubleau (Previous: 2; Change: 0)

A 16:54 on a fast course is still a 16:54. Ratliff is 1 of only 2 boys in Class 1 who has gone under 17:00, but we know that there is more to come. After all, as a sophomore, he ran 17:24 at the state meet. 

1. Easton Sabala - Hermitage (Previous: 1; Change: 0)

First thing I do in this list is plug Sabala in at #1 in Class 1 boys and move on to the rest. After a 16:11 at Chile Pepper - another in a long list of sub-17s - Sabala is quite easily the top Class 1 runner right now. He owns the 5 fastest times in Class 1 this season: A team of just Sabala's times this season would perfect score in Class 1 right now. 


5. Weaubleau (Previous: NR; Change: N/A)

4. Liberal (Previous: 4; Change: 0)

3. Lutheran Kansas City (Previous: NR; Change: N/A)

They're back. With Jesse Schultz making an appearance at Bishop LeBlond, the Crusaders have jumped back into our rankings and are looking like they could be contenders in Class 1. Though the virtual meets put them in 2nd, we need to see a few more results before we knock out one of the season-long top 2 teams. The margin between Lutheran and the next two teams is razor thin, though, and could go any number of ways. 

2. Hermitage/Wheatland (Previous: 1; Change: -1) 

Just as we know with a good deal of certainty that Sabala is the clear #1 in the individual race, we have no idea how this Class 1 team race will go down. Hermitage moves back a tick after recent developments from these past two weeks, but they are not far behind at all. Look for them to continue to improve as they look for their 4th straight Class 1 title. 

1. New Haven (Previous: 2; Change: +1)

After waiting on their #5 to come down a bit, he finally did, and now New Haven has the #1 caliber team for which we were waiting. With 3 of the top 15 boys on our list, the Shamrocks look like they could end Hermitage's run of titles, but the race for first still looks too close to definitively call.