Fantasy Cross Country Week 8: Farber Gets A W

Week 8's results took its toll on many of the weekly front-runners in the Fantasy XC league. With many teams either taking a rest week before Class 4 District, finishing off their conference meets, or competing on a tough course, the times were not as fast as usual and the competition was not as deep as usual either. Farber picked up the W in Week 8 as his 50 points was pretty decisive. Interesting to note is that his team now is basically Team Crowe from last week after their massive trade (with a few left over from before the trade) so Farber definitely from the deal. he benefited particularly from Trenton Wells going sub-16:00 and Mark Venable running very well at the Big 8 Conference meet. Another one of his new additions, Mason Gaines, also came up big for him at NCMC conference, with Jacob McCrackin being his 4th scorer, and Caleb Cornelius was his #5. So 4 of his 5 scoring runners were new additions from that blockbuster deal. Szabo was 3rd as his West Plains boys came up big for him behind Harrison Brown's sub-16:00 at Castlewood. Wang and Hackett got hit by some tough courses and off-days from their boys and Team Crowe didn't even score this week unfortunately.

My boys came up big, but not big enough. Ryan Riddle's 15:30 was much obliged, and the SWMO fast courses helped me out once again. It is always hit or miss for me as the COC being on Nixa's course was a god-send, but I have been hurt by a reliance on those SWMO boys in the past. Going into district week, I have my lineup set up to maximize runs on Nixa and Ray-Pec and minimize Big Driver, etc. With Flood at Liberty North and Buffington back in Jackson City Park, too, I'm set up well to succeed in Week 9 and that should carry me well into the postseason. 

1Ryan Riddle15.30.7DEEKENDEEKEN728
2Nassim Oufattole15.33.9WANGSZABO847
3Harrison Brown15.54.8SZABOWANG896
4Trenton Wells15.56.5FARBERHACKET 1155
5Mark Venable16.02FARBERRUBIN/HOFFMAN1224
7Keifer Dooley16.13.3WANGCROWEnts0
8Nathan Reed16.14.3SPE
10Ethan Hutchinson16.17.9SZABOWANG62
11Mason Gaines16.21FARBERHACKETT62
12Easton Sabala16.25DEEKENDEEKEN47
13Jacob McCrackin16.30FARBERRUBIN/HOFFMAN46
14Kevin Koester16.32.9HACKETTSZABO43
15Max McDaniel16.33.2SPEFARBER40
16Haddon Spikereit16.33.6DEEKENSPEWAK31
17Caleb Cornelius16.34.3FARBERCROWE27
18Caleb Boys16.35.7RUBIN/HOFFMAN
19CB Procell16.37.4DEEKEN
20Joseph Dawson16.38.5HACKETT
21Kolin Overstreet16.42.0WANG
22Cole Cooper16.42.7FARBER
23Edward Wilhite16.47.4WANG
24Ean Buffington16.49.1DEEKEN
25Blake Morris16.49.5HACKETT
26Billy Driemeyer16.50.3FARBER
27Colten Palmer16.54.5RUBIN/HOFFMAN
28Jared Neikirk16.56SZABO
29Keran Benton17.08HACKETT
30Carson Sanders17.08.2DEEKEN
31Jack Crull17.16.6HACKETT
32Kylan Rottinghaus17.27.3SPE
33Ayden Nichols17.29DEEKEN
34Alex Szabo18.17.3SZABO
35Malik Stewart17.54.9RUBIN/HOFFMAN

Here are the final rosters heading into District week. There are no more opportunities for add/drops and the top 4 teams after this week will advance to the Class 1-3 district/Class 4 sectional/state meet weeks for the final showdown. New additions are italicized - Wang traded Kolin Overstreet to Szabo for Alex Beard, then dropped Beard for Brady Bauder.