Fantasy Cross Country Week 9: Playoff Teams Are Set

Finally. I FINALLY got a week victory. Helped along by some tough district courses and a good chunk of elite runners on the quicker courses, as well as Class 1 stud Easton Sabala hopping on a quick course in his own right, I was able to secure a 2 point victory over Team Szabo in Week 9 and clinch 3rd in the regular season. Team Hackett and Wang had both pulled away long ago, so the fight for third had been on for about 4 weeks now. Another sub-16:00 from Ryan Riddle (it's like clockwork with this guy) and two more sub-16:20, (Ryan Flood stand up!) Ean Buffington's 16:32 was an important 4th and in a week with some slower back-end scorers, I was not as hurt by a 16:50 as I had been in the past. 

Team Szabo put up a good fight this week as his West Plains boys stepped up big for him, but the big performance by his team vaulted him into a tie with Hoffman/Rubin for 4th. The top 4 teams were to move on to the semi-final in District/Sectional week, but this year Szabo made it 5. Now 5 teams will be competing for the coveted Woofie's Hot Dog this year and, though it appears to be Hackett and Wang as the front-runners, Week 10 lineups are in and if we are talking about course advantage, the top 2 teams this week have to be Deeken and Szabo for having the most boys going to Camdenton. 

Week 9 Results:

2Ryan Riddle15.54.4DeekenHackett727
4Jacob McCrackin16.01FarberRubin/Hoffman1125
5Easton Sabala16.06DeekenWang1154
7Ryan Flood16.15.2DeekenSpewak1992
8Kevin Koester16.15.7Hackett
9Caleb Boys16.17.8Rubin/Hoffman
10Tyler Rodvelt16.17.9Rubin/Hoffman
11Tom Seitzer16.18HackettOVERALL SCORES
12Harrison Brown16.20SzaboHACKETT69
13Keifer Dooley16.20.9WangWANG66
14Pat Hetlage16.25FarberDEEKEN57
15Eli Gusman16.25CroweRUBIN/HOFFMAN51
16Ben Burnett16.27.2SpeSZABO51
17Ean Buffington16.32DeekenFARBER43
18Nassim Oufattole16.33.4WangSPEWAK33
19Nick Warmann16.33CroweCROWE33
20Brenden Crews16.33Crowe
21Chandler Gibbons16.34.2Rubin/Hoffman
22Zach Grover16.35.3Crowe
23Jared Neikirk16.35.9Szabo
24Jimmy Dietrich16.37.5Szabo
25Blake Selm16.39.4Hackett
26Nicholas Ondr16.41.5Wang
27Christian Baker16.41.9Hackett
28Gabe McClain16.44.5Wang
29Clayton Whitehead16.45.6Szabo
30Matyas Csiki-fejer16.46.3Wang
31Andrew Connor16.47.1Wang
32Alex Geohagen16.48.3Crowe
33Brady Bauder16.48.62Wang
34David Rouse16.48.64Rubin/Hoffman
35Haddon Spikereit16.50.0Deeken
36Nathan Reed16.50.1Spe
37Matt Reis16.50.4Szabo
38Jacob Ewen16.52Rubin/Hoffman
39Caleb Feuerbacher16.54Rubin/Hoffman
40Billy Driemeyer16.54.7Farber
41CB Procell16.56Deeken
43Cole Cooper17.11Farber
44Mark Venable17.12Farber
45Matt Hauser17.15Hackett
46Eros Sustaita17.20Deeken
47Kylan Rottinhaus17.30Spe
48Thomas Nield17.34.2Crowe
49Jonah Loewe17.34.5Spe
50Dawson Schulte17.40.1Rubin/Hoffman
51Kyle Anderson17.43.0Spe
52Jacob Ewer17.43.0Spe
53Zane Yates17.43.9Crowe
54Caleb Cornelius18.04Farber

Since there were no roster moves this week, here are the confirmed entries and lineups for Week 10:

KielhofnerKeifer Dooley
DukesOaklee Hauschild
GibbensPeter Campbell
RodveltEdward Wilhite
BoysNicholas Ondr
PalmerNassim Oufattole
EwenMatyas Csiki-fejer

Victor MugecheStasney
Kevin KoesterHutchinson
Blake SelmBrown
Tom SeitzerLetcher
Christian BakerDietrich
Blake MorrisWhitehead
Joseph DawsonNeikirk

Ryan Riddle
CB Procell
Eros Sustaita
Haddon Spikereit
Ryan Flood
Ean Buffington
Easton Sabala