Cross Country Games

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    So my coach aproached me today and told me that on Thursday I get to organize a "captains practice". So i get to choose what were going to do, im trying to think of a fun game that will involve running anywhere from 5-8 miles, but so far i've got nothing. Can anyone help me out.

    I would like to aviod scavenger hunts if all possible, however if you have a special type of scavenger hunt that doesnt just involve going out and getting everything on a large list as fast as possible it may work.

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    Here's a game Smithville plays every once in a while, Hayden:

    Split off into groups of 2 or 3, preferrably with people around the same speed as you. Every group gets an index card, or something like that. Every group starts the run at different times, with one group starting every minute. It's kind of like tag, and you just see how many cards you can get. When you have sight of someone, you yell out "GOTCHA!" and then chase after them, If you tag one of them, you get all the cards they have. No tagbacks for at least 2 or 3 minutes. The team who is spotted can't take the cards from the spotters. This game works best on a timed run, and on some trails. We have great trails in Smithville for this, where we can take many different routes. It would work anywhere as long as there are a lot of different paths. You should also stress about not cheating. It's no fun when every team just says they don't have any cards but are just hiding them somewhere. If you want to play it and you have any questions, just ask, because I probably left something out.
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    We play a fun one. What I do is paint a line at the beginning of our cross country course. The I paint a line at the end of it. I shoot a gun and then we run to see who can get from one line to the other first.

    Sorry, I couldn't help it. It probably wasn't even funny :)

    For real though we just played a ton of ultimate frisbee when I was in high school. I always used to think my coach wasn't into mileage. We only ran 30-40 miles per week. Then later I realized we were putting in four or five hours of ultimate frisbee a week on top of our mileage. It was like running another 10 or 15 miles at least. He was the kind of coach who realized what we were doing and new how to adjust for it. Ultimate frisbee is a lot of running.
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    Yes, ultimate frisbee works too. We just had an intense game this evening. We played for about an hour and I was constantly running around during that hour. Ultimate frisbee should be a high school sport!