Dustan Davidson of Saint Louis U...Senior Spotlight!

SLU's Dustan Davidson

Senior Spotlight

Parents Name: Lance and Sharon Davidson

Athletes Nickname: Dustan... Some people call me Double D or DD

Coaches Name: Joe Porter

Career Accomplishments thus far: 4-time all state: 2nd place 800m. 4th place 1600m. 2nd place 4x800. 14th place cross country.

Favorite Event: Why? I probably favor racing the 800 over the 1600. The way I look at it is in the 800, the first 400 meters is a relaxed sprint, and the next 400 meters is a you everything you have left. It's a great feeling going out in almost a full sprint for a whole 800 meters.

Most memorable moment thus far in HS Career: Midwest Distance Classic - June 13, 2015. This is where I ran my fastest 800 time of 1:51.97. There was about a 2-3 hour rain delay, and my dad and I were forced to wait in the car while the storm passed. I didn't really warm up before the race. I just hopped in with a bunch of really talented runners and ended up running a great time in the rain under the lights.

Favorite Workout: Training for the 800, my favorite workout is 200 meter repeats -- 8-10 at around 27 seconds. Training for the 1600, my favorite workout is 400 meter repeats -- 6-8 at around 63 seconds.

Dustan signing his Letter of Intent to run for Oklahoma State University.

Future Plans: Next year I will be attending Oklahoma State University running cross country and track. I plan on studying either education or business.

Advice to Freshmen athletes: You have to be totally dedicated to this sport if you want to see success. What do I mean by that? I mean you must eat and drink healthy everyday: no fast food, limited soda, and stay hydrated. You must get enough sleep every night, including the weekends. If you would rather stay out all night on the weekends, and not care about your body, then you shouldn't expect to see results on the track. This might seem harsh or demanding, but it's the truth.

Next, you have to love this sport and be a student of the sport. I don't necessarily think you have to love running itself because everyone knows that it hurts to run, but you have to have a competitive attitude and love to compete. You don't need to have all the talent in the world, but with a competitive attitude, success is in your grasp. I've spent hours and hours watching racing videos - videos of guys like Haile Gebrselassie and Hicham El Guerrouj. My coach tells me some of my success comes from me being a "running nerd." I really do believe knowing a lot about the sport can lead to success.

Goals for the Outdoor Season: 800 - sub 1:50. 1600 - 4:05

How have you made a positive impact on your sport?: On my cross country team at St. Louis U. High, our team motto is "Tradition never graduates." I think that I have been a role model and inspired the underclassmen on my team to work hard so our tradition will not disappear. I think I set a really good example that hard work pays off, not only to my own teammates, but to all my competitors as well.

Also, I definitely think that Lafayette High School and I have brought some national attention to Missouri and specifically the St. Louis area. I consider myself an ambassador of the sport, traveling to meets across the country representing St. Louis U. High, St. Louis, and the entire state of Missouri.

How do you want your HS career to be remembered?: I'd like to be remembered as a friendly guy and a fierce competitor. I make friends with competitors everywhere I go, and I really enjoy talking to guys at meets. Before my races, and after my races, I am a bud to all my competitors. I treat everyone with respect, and sportsmanship is something every athlete should cherish.

When people see me compete, I want to them to see a guy who truly doesn't want to lose. I always give every single amount of energy I have, and I want people to see my competitiveness.

Davidson finishes second at the Class 5 State Meet in the 800 m run in 2015.

Final Thoughts!: Dustan is closing in on his goal of running a sub 1:50 in the 800 m run as he went 1:52.96 at the Vanderbilt Invite last week.  His time from Vandy is good enough for the fourth fastest time in the nation for the Indoor 800 m run.  Even though Dustan may be a self described "running nerd", his talents and his desire for success in running is evident.  Congratulations Dustan on all of your past success and Best of Luck in your future endeavors at SLU and OSU.