The Wonderful Gift of Girl's Track: International Women's Day

I believe in empowering young woman through sport. In high school, I always had school pride. The wallpaper in my room used to be newspaper clippings of our school's athletic achievements. However, I always felt the talented young ladies in our building were under-represented. I remember countless young women who did not compete or weren't given the chances I feel they deserved. Later as a young adult, I had the opportunity to take over a fairly successful program from Coach Dave Harris. In Coach Harris's few short years as head coach, he improved the girl track program significantly. I know what I wanted our girls to be but had no clue how to get our ladies to the greatness. As time went on with mentorship from my assistant coaches we have begun to figure out what is needed for the young women we work with through sport.

I am proud to say in my 15 years as a head coach over 54 athletes have or now are competing at the next level. I am so proud of the culture and history we have been able to build with the help of numerous great high school athletes. Happy women's international day. Do not forget how important it is to keep young lady active and participating in sports. The time these young women spend in the pursuit of excellence is special. Be proud, push your limits, and do not be afraid to reach for greatness daily.

In honor of international Women's Day, we will be releasing the Preseason Girl's Top Four Team Ranking's list for each individual class. Stay tuned!