Watch List: 10 Girls to Watch in 2017

(Photo: Greg Hall)

10. Erin Gilbert - Francis Howell - SR - Class 4: With Maddi Leigh gone, it is now time for the Lady Vikings to find a new #1 for the first time in four years and it appears that Erin Gilbert will be that #1. After a 20:26 in 2016 at the Capital CC Challenge, she was unable to conquer Big Driver at the scorcher that was C4 Sectional 1, but she broke out in track. She now boasts a 2:20 open 800 PR (2:18 Split), 5:16 1600 PR, and 12:07 in the 3200. She is no stranger to the big stage, vaulting the Lady Vikings from 5th to 2nd in the 3rd leg of the 3200m Relay at 2017 C5 State, so look out for this fighter to make a huge jump in her senior season and look for her first individual state medal after back-to-back top-3 medals in the 4x8 on the track.