Fantasy Cross Country Week 6: Hoffman/Rubin Shines

We all know it was a ridiculously fast week across the state (and Arkansas, and Kentucky, and Oklahoma), but how this fast week affected the results of the fantasy cross country league was nothing short of crazy. Hoffman/Rubin had by far their best week of the season. Carried by strong performances from Chandler Gibbens, Stephen Kielhofner, and Alex Dukes, the 4th, 5th, and 6th fastest boys of the week, the three-owner team put two more boys under 16:16 to hang on for the first place finish for Week 6. Typically 5 boys under 16:16 would induce a dominating win, but in Week 6, Hoffman/Rubin was a mere 9 points ahead of yours truly. Forty-one boys were under 17:00 on the week and thirty-four of those were under 16:30. So that means a time that would usually be solid enough to score you a 20 spot or so earned you a 35 spot instead. With so many boys hitting that mark, the scoring ended up being both really bunched and really spread out at the same time. Team Wang continued their success as well with 71 points for 3rd and of course Hackett was right behind him with 77 for 4th. Team Crowe was the next closest team 52 points back of 4th. 

It was a good week for Team Deeken. After benefiting from the Stampede a couple weeks ago, I was able to benefit from Chile Pepper this week as Ryan Riddle, Ryan Flood, and Ean Buffington were all under 16:00 there. My back two scorers were Easton Sabala who just continues to kill it for me this year and Haddon Spikereit with his 16:27. Unfortunately, that 16:27 was a little farther back than I would have liked, but I was pleased with in nonetheless. I had to drop him this week as Webb City looks to be idle in Week 7, but he is a candidate to be re-added next week. Check out the results and updated rosters!

1Victor Mugeche15.28.9Hackett1Deeken678
2Ryan Riddle15.31.2Deeken2Wang717
3Max McDaniel15.40.01Spe3Hackett776
4Chandler Gibbens15.43.7Rubin/Hoffman4Crowe1295
5Stephen Kielhofner15.45Rubin/Hoffman5Farber1414
6Alex Dukes15.51.6Rubin/Hoffman6Spewak1683
7Ryan Flood15.51.7.Deeken7Szabo1792
8Ean Buffington15.54.1Deeken8
9Edward Wilhite16.01.2Wang9OVERALL SCORES
10Tom Seitzer16.02.1Hackett10WANG48
11Kevin Koester16.02.6Hackett11HACKETT47
12Zach Grover16.04.1Farber12RUBIN/HOFFMAN38
13Kiefer Dooley16.06.2Wang13SZABO33
14Harrison Brown16.10.1Szabo14DEEKEN33
15Peter Cambell16.10.4Wang15SPEWAK26
16Oaklee Hauschild16.11.5Wang16FARBER23
17Easton Sabala16.11.7Deeken17CROWE22
18Matyas Csiki- fejer16.12.0Wang18
19Andrew Lofgren16.12.1Farber19
20Cole Biesemeyer16.12.7Rubin/Hoffman20
21Brendan Crews16.14.3Crowe21
22Nassim Oufattole16.15.2Wang22
23Tyler Rodevelt16.15.8Rubin/Hoffman23
24Mason Gaines16.17.45Crowe24
25Trenton Wells16.17.7Crowe25
26Chris Baker16.18.03Hackett26
27Thomas Nield16.20.05Farber27
28Ryan Mata16.20.1Crowe28
29Blake Selm16.20.7Hackett29
30Colton Palmer16.21.9Rubin/Hoffman30
31Pat Hetlage16.22.4Crowe31
32Caleb Feurerbacher16.23.9Rubin/Hoffman32
33Haddon Spikereit16.27.8Deeken33
34Nathan Reed16.28.3Spe34
35Jared Neikirk16.30.6Szabo35
36Luke Byrne16.35.7Hackett36
37Drew Reis16.41.2Deeken37
38Jack Crull16.42.6Hackett38
39Jackson Letcher16.44.5Szabo39
40Kyle Anderson16.44.6Spe40
41Zane Yates16.58.09Farber41
42Nolan Dick17.09.1Farber42
43CB Procell17.19.4Deeken43
44Alex Szabo17.29.0Szabo44
45Jonah Loewe17.40.6Spe45
46Kylan Rottinghaus17.55.7Spe46

New adds are in italics: