Pre-Season Rankings: Class 3 400m

Photo by John Jost

6. Siwa Asinga, Junior


PR: 59.45

After coming into finals in the 400m with the 4th fastest time, Siwa ended placing 8th. Prelims was the first time she had broken the 60 second barrier, and if she can return to sub 60 this year she should have no trouble improving on her place from last year.

Photo by John Jost

5. Allison Smith, Junior

Liberty (Mountain View)

PR: 59.75

The 6th place finisher in Jefferson City a year ago, Allison will try and move up on the podium this year. She fared pretty much equal to that of her freshman season, and I think she's due for some improvement this year. If she does that, she should return to the medal stand and possibly improve her place.