Mid-Season Team Rankings: Boys Classes 1-5

Class 5

1. Blue Springs

Projected Point Total: 72.5

Blue Springs came into the season as the favorites in Class 5, and they look to be living up to the hype. They are managing 16 points in distance (Despite Victor Mugeche having not made his outdoor debut in the 1600 or 3200) with Oaklee Hauschild ranked 5th in both the 1600 and 3200, and Morgan Cauveren ranked 2nd in the 3200.  Xavier Hall comes in at 2nd in the 300H and 4th in the 110H, and Colby Velaer is 7th in the 110H and 8th in the 300H. Tre Wheaton is currently 2nd in Long Jump and 7th in Triple, and Valentin Mpangu is 8th in Long Jump. Josh Mccullough is currently ranked 7th in the 400, and Daniel Parker is 5th in Discus. To go along with all that, Blue Springs is also in the top 5 in all of the relays. They are 2nd in the 4x400, 3rd in the 4x100 and 4x200, and 5th in the 4x800, 

2. Rock Bridge

Projected Point Total: 63.33

Rock Bridge come into the week currently ranked 2nd in Class 5. Martez Manuel is a big part of that as he is ranked 1st in the 300H and 3rd in the 110H. Quinton Brown is 2nd in Class 5 in High Jump, and Eli Darrough is 2nd in Pole Vault and 8th in the 400. Nate Peat comes in ranked 8th the 100, and Dean Frossard is 3rd in the 3200m. Rock Bridge also currently has the fastest 4x200 & 4x400 times, and is 4th in the 4x100.

3. Lee's Summit North

Projected Point Total: 55

Lee's Summit North is currently ranked 3rd in Class 5. Keyon Mozee is 3rd in the 100, and 8th in the 200. Nyles Thomas come in at 4th in the 100, and Matthew Hughey is currently 5th in the 400. Devon Richardson is ranked 1st in High Jump and also ranked 3rd in Triple. Blake Gillihan wraps up their individual scoring with a 7th ranked 800. They are also top 3 in all sprint relays as well, 2nd in both the 4x100 & 4x200 and 3rd in the 4x400.

4. Lafayette (Wildwood)

Projected Point Total: 42

Lafayette is no stranger to State Trophies and they come into this week ranked 4th. Nassim Oufattole is the largest reason for this, as he is ranked 1st in the 800, 1600, & 3200. Harrison Brown also adds to the score with a 7th ranked 1600. They also lay claim to the 2nd fastest 4x800, and the 7th fastest 4x400.