Class 2 Girls Districts Preview

Class 2 District 1

Projected Team Scores: 1. Jefferson R-VII (215.5) 2. Malden (94) 3. St. Vincent (85)

Full Rankings: Class 2 District 1

Races to Watch:

The 100 has the potential to be a close finish. Keosha Rogers and Onerica Reed should be able to qualify for Sectionals pretty easily. That leaves Ton'Quasha Hayes, Jaycie Jones, Keara Johnson, Rosalind Rumph, and Abi Chipps all fighting for the final two spots, and they are only separated by a tenth of a second.

Anna Heacock should cruise to victory in the 100H, and Taya Allen should qualify easily too. That'll leave Makayla Schumer, Britney Jordan, and Arionne Ross competing for the final two qualifying positions, and they are less than a tenth of a second apart.

Long Jump also should be super close. Yet again Anna Heacock is way out in front, and Jenna Courtois also should qualify easily. Conner Watkins, Briann Jenkins, Jaycie Jones, Britney Jordan, Keoshoa Rogers, and Kiarra Pettigrew all have a chance at taking one of the final two spots, with just a few inches in between them.