2018 XC Season Preview Road Map

It may be hard to believe but we are fast approaching the start of Cross Country season. We are only two short weeks away from the first official practices, and they are going to go by fast. With that being said it's time for us to kick off the Season Previews! Starting next Monday I'll be pushing out multiple articles each day previewing the upcoming season.

Week 1 (7/30-8/3) we'll be focusing on Class 4, Class 3  in Week 2 (8/6-8/10), Class 2 in Week3 (8/13-8/17), and then we'll wrap up with Class 1 in Week 4 (8/20-8/24). Each Week will be broken up as follows:


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At the end of the 4 weeks on Sunday, August 26th the full season preview will go live. This will include full subjective rankings for each class including the top 10 individuals in each class and the top 4 teams plus honorable mentions.

Of course we will still be posting news stories and other things during this time, but I wanted to layout the plan for our preview content over the next four weeks so you'd all know what to expect. I can't wait for the season to get started and see who will be the last runners to conquer firehouse hill.