WATCH: Justin Robinson Competes in U20 Pan-American Games

You can watch Justin Robinson compete for Team USA in the U20 Pan American Games this weekend live on FloTrack! He is slated to compete in the 400m prelims Friday at 11:30AM CDT, and the finals at 5:35PM CDT on Friday as well. He's also on Team USA's 4x400m team and will run that Sunday at 1:00PM CDT.


9:00MDecathlon - 100 mts (1)-
9:10MHammer Throw 6 kgFinal
9:30W100 MetresSemifinal
9:40MDecathlon - Long Jump (2)-
9:45MPole VaultFinal
9:50M100 MetresSemifinal
10:15W100 Metres Hurdles 0.84Semifinal
10:35M110 Metres Hurdles 0.99Semifinal
11:00W400 MetresSemifinal
11:15MDecathlon - Shot Put 6 kg (3)-
11:30M400 MetresSemifinal
17:00MDecathlon - High Jump (4)-
17:05W100 Metres Hurdles 0.84Final
17:10WShot Put 4 kgFinal
17:15M110 Metres Hurdles 0.99Final
17:25W400 MetresFinal
17:30WPole VaultFinal
17:30WLong JumpFinal
17:35M400 MetresFinal
18:05M800 MetresSemifinal
18:20MDiscus Throw 1.75 kgFinal
18:30MDecathlon - 400 mts (5)-
18:45W3.000 MetresFinal
19:00M5.000 MetresFinal
19:00MLong JumpFinal
19:50W100 MetresFinal
20:00M100 MetresFinal
15:00WDiscus Throw 1 kgFinal
16:00W4x100 Metres RelaySemifinal
16:30MDecathlon - 110 mts Hurdles 0.99 (6)-
16:40WHeptathlon - 100 mts Hurdles 0.84 (1)-
16:45M10.000 Metres Race WalkFinal
17:10MDecathlon - Discus Throw 1.75 kg (7)-
17:20WHeptathlon - High Jump (2)-
17:30WTriple JumpFinal
17:40W200 MetresSemifinal
17:50M200 MetresSemifinal
18:10W400 Metres Hurdles 0.76Semifinal
18:10M400 Metres Hurdles 0.91Semifinal
18:20MDecathlon - Pole Vault (8)-
18:25WHeptathlon - Shot Put 4 kg (3)-
18:30W800 MetresFinal
18:40M800 MetresFinal
18:40MJavelin Throw 800gFinal
18:50M3.000 Metres Steeplechase 0.91Final
18:55WHigh JumpFinal
19:05W5.000 MetresFinal
19:30W200 MetresFinal
19:45MDecathlon - Javelin Throw 800g (9)-
19:45M200 MetresFinal
19:50WHeptathlon - 200 mts (4)Points
20:50M10.000 MetresFinal
21:30MDecathlon - 1.500 mts (10)-
21:40W4x100 Metres RelayFinal
21:50M4x100 Metres RelayFinal
9:00W10.000 Metres Race WalkFinal
9:40WHeptathlon - Long Jump (5)-
10:00WHammer Throw 4 kgFinal
11:15MShot Put 6 kgFinal
11:15WHeptathlon - Javelin Throw 600g (6)-
11:30W1.500 MetresFinal
11:40M1.500 MetresFinal
11:50W400 Metres Hurdles 0.76Final
11:55WJavelin Throw 600gFinal
12:00M400 Metres Hurdles 0.91Final
12:00MHigh JumpFinal
12:10MTriple JumpFinal
12:20W3.000 Metres Steeplechase 0.76Final
12:35WHeptathlon - 800 mts (7)-
12:50W4x400 Metres RelayFinal
13:00M4x400 Metres RelayFinal