Class 2's 1600m Runners to Watch in 2020

Defending State Champion, Alex Sharp (Brookfield), leads six runners returning in the Class 2 Girls 1600m that earned medals at State a year ago. Sharp also holds the fastest returning time in Class 2 with a 5:20, just edging out Alexis Workman (Summit Prep) who returns with a time of 5:22.

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Girls Overall

1. Alex Sharp (Brookfield)

2. Alexis Workman (Summit Prep)

3. Morgan Miller (Hermann)

4. Hannah Graham (Penney)

5. Adrien Martens (St. Paul Lutheran)


1. Hannah Graham (Penney)

2. Olivia Lynch (New Covenant)

3. Jenna Shipley (Adrian)

4. Bailey Hays (Monroe City)

5. Grace Parrott (Sherwood)


1. Alexis Workman (Summit Prep)

2. Skylar Adams (Mansfield)

3. Emma Mcintyre (New Haven)

4. Alyssa Church (Steelville)

5. Abby Dittmer (Stover)


1. Alex Sharp (Brookfield)

2. Morgan Miller (Hermann)

3. Adrien Martens (St. Paul Lutheran)

4. Grace Buschling (Clark County)

5. Lauren McCoy (Summit Christian)