St. Louis County Clears Way for XC Season

Earlier this morning the St. Louis County government released new guidelines for sports that will allow "low-frequency of contact sports" including cross country to compete starting this Friday, September 11th. 

There are some restrictions, but nothing that's going to be shocking to anyone given the current situation regarding COVID-19. No spectators will be allowed at meets in St. Louis County, and schools are only allowed to compete against other schools in the region.

It is still up to individual school districts to determine where and when teams will be allowed to compete. I imagine we will see some schools this weekend at Forest Park (which is at McNair Park for this year) and Stan Nelson at Northwest. 

All in all this a great news for cross country runners in St. Louis and around the state. Class and District assignments are set to be released on the September 23rd, and it now looks like they will include teams from St. Louis, which just yesterday seemed unlikely.