Class 2 Districts Rankings and Team Scores

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District 1 Boys

1Caleb Cornelius2019Saxony Lutheran High School15:54.40 1
2Jack Baer2021St. Vincent High School17:34.21 2
3Cameron Stevens2020West County R417:40.56 3
4Joseph Baer2019St. Vincent High School17:43.37 4
5Sam Elfrink2019Saxony Lutheran High School17:50.80 5
6Cody Moore2020West County R418:12.34 6
7Nick Carter2021Bloomfield High School18:15.00 7
8Carter Mayfield2020Woodland High School18:16.00 8
9Timothy Sloan2020Woodland High School18:19.00 9
10Austin Mueller2019Saxony Lutheran High School18:38.00 10
11Timothy Kuenzel2019Valle Catholic High School18:39.65 11
12Josh Reynolds2022Bloomfield High School18:44.00 12
13Kyle Steinbecker2021St. Vincent High School18:53.21 13
14Noah Estes2022Kingston High School18:57.94 --
15Jordan Bales2021Valle Catholic High School19:02.91 14
16Caleb Roth2020St. Vincent High School19:04.73 15
17Dylan Morrison2022Kingston High School19:04.93 --
18Jagger Robinson2021Greenville High School19:06.23 --
19Kameron Mayberry2021Kelly High School19:08.00 --
20Toby Sloan2022Woodland High School19:12.00 16
21Isaac Hotop2021St. Vincent High School19:15.24 17
22Gage Underwood2021Scott City High School19:30.00 18
23Tye Huff2019Greenville High School19:30.40 --
24Josiah Lantz2021Arcadia Valley High School19:34.90 19
25Jeffery Jarrell2022Bloomfield High School19:40.00 20
26Andrew Hyatt2020Saxony Lutheran High School19:45.20 21
27Eli Jones2020Arcadia Valley High School19:50.90 22
28Nate Thompson2022Saxony Lutheran High School19:52.34 23
29Gabe Anders2022St. Vincent High School19:52.38 24
30Dominic Mueller2022Arcadia Valley High School19:54.90 25
31Oscar Bravo2020Woodland High School19:56.29 26
32Sam Varnon2020Saxony Lutheran High School19:57.42 27
33Wyatt Rouggly2019Woodland High School20:03.00 28
34Josh Unterreiner2021St. Vincent High School20:03.63 29
35Elijah Davis2021Woodland High School20:09.45 30
36Ethan Leible2022St. Vincent High School20:10.68 --
37Christopher Strange2022Arcadia Valley High School20:13.31 31
38Cyrus Amelunke2022Arcadia Valley High School20:13.46 32
39Josh Hoog2021Valle Catholic High School20:18.60 33
40Caden Dettmer2022Arcadia Valley High School20:20.16 34
41Isaac Weissinger2021Woodland High School20:21.00 35
42Jacob Gremaud2021St. Vincent High School20:23.89 --
43Matthew Gremaud2020St. Vincent High School20:28.89 --
44Colton Hyslop2021Bloomfield High School20:30.91 36
45Korbyn Miller2020West County R420:32.80 37
46Kaleb Karrenbrock2022Scott City High School20:47.00 38
47Conner Scott2022Bloomfield High School20:50.58 39
48Dawson Hill2022Bloomfield High School20:52.00 40
48Dillon Filer2021Woodland High School20:52.00 --
50William Smith2020Scott City High School20:55.41 41
51Anthony Smith2020Scott City High School21:06.00 42
52Alberto Maero2020Saxony Lutheran High School21:07.00 43
53Bryant Vaughn2021Bloomfield High School21:14.00 44
54Chris Porterfield2021West County R421:15.44 45
55Stevan Sherfield2022Bloomfield High School21:23.00 --
56Nathan Kiehl2019Kelly High School21:23.88 --
57William Weissinger2021Woodland High School21:37.00 --
58Devon Lutes2021Woodland High School21:40.00 --
59Christian Caruso2019Saxony Lutheran High School21:49.02 --
60Andrew Francis2022Bloomfield High School21:54.14 --
61Luke Steiniger2021West County R421:58.34 46
62Daniel Kuenzel2019Valle Catholic High School21:59.75 47
63Ty Seabaugh2020Saxony Lutheran High School22:05.00 --
64Luke Bartens2020Saxony Lutheran High School22:15.41 --
65Andrew Hill2021Greenville High School22:16.55 --
66Josh Southern2021Arcadia Valley High School22:46.51 48
67Evan Knox2020West County R422:57.82 49
68Kenneth Grimes2019Kelly High School23:00.92 --
69Kurt Strange2022Arcadia Valley High School23:11.96 --
70Hunter Senn2022Scott City High School23:32.51 50
71Levi Johnson2022West County R423:34.68 51
72Lonnie Lejeune2019Kelly High School23:43.00 --
73Ethan Schremp2022St. Vincent High School23:57.91 --
74Carter Ridlon2020Arcadia Valley High School24:05.77 --
75Caleb Hoog2020Valle Catholic High School24:24.95 52
76Andrii Koval2020Bloomfield High School24:36.00 --
77Cameron Schweigert2021Woodland High School24:54.44 --
78Skyler Sykes2021Scott City High School25:06.00 53
79Joshua Neeley2020West County R425:08.63 --
80Max Wooldridge2019Saxony Lutheran High School25:11.82 --
81Lee Masters2022Woodland High School25:32.58 --
82Nathan Lockhart2022Bloomfield High School26:50.00 --
83Isaac Andrews2022Woodland High School29:20.64 --
84David Carter2019Bloomfield High School30:18.75 --
85Jn Bangert2022Greenville High School30:39.16 --
86Jamison Dodd2020Bloomfield High School35:38.97 --
87Evan Rinacke2022Woodland High School35:51.25 --
88Natchapon Inpon0Woodland High School35:53.00 --

Team Scores

1St. Vincent High School512+4+13+15+17 (24+29)1:41.0318:30.15
2Saxony Lutheran High School601+5+10+21+23 (27+43)3:57.9418:24.15
3Woodland High School878+9+16+26+28 (30+35)1:47.0019:09.26
4Bloomfield High School1147+12+20+36+39 (40+44)2:35.5819:36.10
5Arcadia Valley High School12919+22+25+31+32 (34+48)38.5619:57.49
6West County R41373+6+37+45+46 (49+51)4:17.7819:55.90
7Valle Catholic High School15711+14+33+47+525:45.3020:53.17
8Scott City High School18918+38+41+42+50 (53)4:02.5121:10.18