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Jake HoltEast Newton High SchoolHead Cross Country Assistant Track and Field (Distance)Above all things, I am a Christian. I have been at East Newton for nineteen years (this was my first school). I am entering my 15th year as the cross country head coach after serving as the assistant under Kern Sorrell for three seasons. I have been blessed to be associated with some fantastic kids all of these seasons, and each year it gets harder to let them go. RespectPatienceKindnessSelflessnessHonestyForgivenessCommitmentHumility(Eight key principles to live by)Good luck and good running...

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1 month ago 4 runners in class 1
@coachmoran Agreed
1 month ago District Team Awards- 2 Per District
As a coach whose girls got 3rd, not getting a team plaque was a bummer for sure.
2 months ago Class 1 Girls
@szoughaib Not trying to be rude to the private schools. I respect them all. You just hit the na...
2 months ago Class 1 Girls
Very likely with new rules, only 10 girls' teams make it to State. Is this a sign class 1 and 2 s...
3 months ago MSHSAA Class and District Assignments are up
@XCFan2020 60-70 teams at Class 1,2, and 3 sites.
3 months ago Championship Factor Not Equal For All Sports
@11647781 Private schools won 37.5% of the trophies at State Cross Country last year. I don't kn...
3 months ago 10/2 Meets
Looking for a meet on 10/2 to replace Chile Pepper. Something big and highly competitive.
4 months ago Four Districts for Cross Country
Another thought. Should the Championship factor for Districts be doubled since there are only 4 d...
7 months ago Entries
The Class 3 State Meet is set up to where you could add entries in where you didn't qualify.
7 months ago 300 Hurdles
[quote=Hays]1A and 2A in 88. 3A in 87. 4A in 80.[/quote] Thank you very much.
7 months ago 300 Hurdles
In what year did the 300 hurdles switch from low hurdles to intermediate hurdles for boys in Miss...
7 months ago State Track Series
@macruns 3 of 4x8 guys are also 4x4 guys. Maybe all 4.
8 months ago Crazy 8--Athlete Entries- Challenges of the system
@mbusselman Agreed. I concur with all of the above. Also, I like the import function, but it o...
8 months ago 6 class proposal
With 4 classes, and the way enrollments were distributed, we were a school of around 400 going up...
8 months ago Class Notifications/District Assignments
Neosho is listed in class 5 with 984 enrollment and Willard is in class 4 with 1001.
8 months ago Feet to Metric
Thank you
9 months ago Feet to Metric
Has anyone made a chart for quick reference for field event equivalencies (before I make one for ...
9 months ago Entries - Ryan Taylor
I am trying to enter jr. high kids into the McDonald County Jr. High meet on 3/30. It allows me t...
9 months ago Jr. High Rosters
I am having to enter jr. high entries for the first time. Do we have to manually enter athletes...
9 months ago Vertical Jump Increments?
Seeing as pegs are 6 inches apart on standards, I feel this is going to create a lot of confusion...
9 months ago Updated Rosters
@R-Taylor All but M. Clark are on my Milesplit roster now.
9 months ago Updated Rosters
@R-Taylor We're missing 9 kids at EN. 7 of 9 ran xc and 8 of 9 are 8th grade.
9 months ago State Track Meet 2021
@btripp0627.flosports Makes it tough on distance kids.
9 months ago State Track Meet 2021
Has MSHSAA decided upon a plan for the State meet? 1 day or 2 day event?
9 months ago Missouri Track and Field Jr. High Event Restrictions
@Hays Thank you
9 months ago Missouri Track and Field Jr. High Event Restrictions
How many events are jr. high kids allowed? 4? And, does 1 of them have to be in the field? Thank...
9 months ago Updated Rosters
@mbusselman I'm having the same issue.
1 year ago How did packet pickup go?
It went smoothly. Not much wait time. We were able to pick up both genders at once as well.
1 year ago Tickets
@fl1-4515849b-1be0-43fa-9395-469a07d7f7b1 We didn't offer them to alternates' parents. Long driv...
1 year ago Tickets
@coachebert Also, I had 23 tickets to purchase. I had to do them all as separate transactions. I...
1 year ago Tickets
@coachebert Both teams qualified. We offered tickets to the parents. We had enough tickets left ...
1 year ago Tickets
@zoughaibs I purchased tickets for the kids to watch the opposite gender run. However, the boys ...
1 year ago Tickets
@coachmoran Not a fan of this process. I'm buying about half of our tickets for the opposite gen...
1 year ago Tickets
Still waiting. Anyone else?
1 year ago State Qualification for XC
What is the rule if your team finishes 3rd at Districts, but still has 5 in the top 15? Do just ...
1 year ago State Cross Country Meet Race Times
Here is the response: Jake, I’m sure this will be discussed, but, for example, for the Clas...
1 year ago State Cross Country Meet Race Times
@coachmoran I sent this to Don Maurer. Anyone have thoughts on this? I’m sure this will be ...
1 year ago Course in Lamar
The course is a very fair course. Not a whole lot of turns, 1 1/4 laps. Finish doubles back over ...
1 year ago Missouri State Meet
@Hays Any speculation on PM start times?
1 year ago SWCCCA and fast times
I think the tell-tale sign is that Arnold beat Brown and Ashley by over 53 seconds...they went 18...
2 years ago Early season meets and coronavirus?
@esnich Counties in Southwest Missouri have their health departments starting to recommend not h...
2 years ago individual comparative effort google sheet
@ncxctrackcoach I just sent payment. Jake Holt holtj@eastnewton.org
2 years ago District Entries (Track and Field 2020)
Why is the reverse warmup even a thing?
2 years ago Repainting track for new exchange zones
@11639072 Fischer, the company who surfaced our track, told us to hold off on doing anything. The...
2 years ago Jr. High Track Meets (SWMO)
I am needing jr. high track meets in the April 2nd through April 10th range. Please help.
2 years ago McFarland USA & SWMO Running Camp
For those of you who are cross country enthusiasts. Coach Thomas Valles will be bringing his McFa...
2 years ago 2020 XC Meets
The 22nd Annual East Newton Invitational will be Saturday, September 26th. We are switching back ...
2 years ago Dean Hays
@szoughaib And Class 1 and 2 State is a different weekend than 3, 4, and 5.
2 years ago Cross country 5 classes
@Hays For future, you could just make the certificate file available and coaches could print the...
2 years ago Cross country 5 classes
@JIMKASTEN1 These are the numbers for creating this year's classifications.