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18 days ago Academic All-State
I don't know if I have missed the deadline or not, but does anyone know when the deadline for nom...
3 months ago District Team Awards- 2 Per District
@CanDoTF10 Doesn't exactly seem fair to our sport does it?
3 months ago Class 1 Girls
@chester 1976 I agree there needs to be something done. I have always wondered why we don't hav...
5 months ago MSHSAA Class and District Assignments are up
@XCFan2020 Agreed as well. We are still in the middle of COVID and instead of keeping things ...
9 months ago sectional entries
@szoughaib Yes, I am having problems as well. When I put my athletes name it doesn't populate ...
1 year ago Old District CC Results
Would anyone have information on a website or resources to check with about finding results from ...
1 year ago Class 4: Disparity Observation Between District 1 and 2
I like the three team + 10 idea as well. There are teams that could build their programs even mo...
2 years ago Track this Summer
I agree, I hate that we didn't get to have a track season this year. However, my graduating athl...
2 years ago Track Class and District Assignments
@wooldridgecg Thanks Coach!
2 years ago Track Class and District Assignments
I am sure it has been somewhere on a thread on here, but does anyone know when they will release ...
3 years ago State Course Preview Meet
@CoachSwift I know at the meeting that day they said they would have a meeting and try to set ...
4 years ago CC All-State
Thank you Mr. Hays
4 years ago CC All-State
Thank you.
4 years ago CC All-State
Does anyone know what year they changed CC All-State from Top 15 to the Top 25?
4 years ago Found at the State X-Country Meet
My runner Gavin from Alton has his. Thanks