Great Southwest Track & Field Classic Update

If you are planning on attending the Great Southwest Track and Field Classic it is important for parents and athletes to make arrangements very soon. Time is running out. Here is some of the important information for those who are planning on attending. 

Great Southwest Classic Deposit:

If your elite status and the meet director has emailed you that.  He's paying your deposit.  You have to be ranked top 5 in the US to be elite on the track and field news list, dyestat or milespilt national list. All parents need to make through on hotel reservation at the MCM Elegente in Albuquerque.

Mail your $50 bud/hotel deposit to:

Martise Scott
7312 Huntington 
St Louis, Missouri 63121

Check made out to:
Ozark Track and Field

If your from Kansas City call 
CB Cadenhead  816-985-2433 
he's in charge of the Kansas City Bus

Enclosed below are the athletes who are currently planning on attending. 

State Wide Athletes

Logan Bell
Collin Gosnell
Austin Maiden
Eric Roth 
Tabitha Stowers
Hava Turner
CeMaria Woodard
Jasmin Pointer
De'Ja Ingram
Brianna Brock
Nia Lyles
McKinlee Morris
Rita Saunders
Jade Gates
Scout Regular
Octavia Cato
Raheema Westfall
Pacey Hammelman
Ashley Edmond
Taya Allen
Valerie Whitted
Zionn Pearson
Jhordin Galmore
Madison Fuller
Cara Johnson
Khristen Bryant
Taylor Richey
Madison Rogers
Grant Downes (KC)
Troy Boyce
Weston Wendt
Kemond Murray
Jekeel Suber
Isaiah Williams
Rayvon Allen
Derrick Boyce III
Alicia Burnett
Carlie Queen
KC Lightfoot
Will Drury
Holden Knudsen
Tanner Davis
Christian Baker
Adam Gauzy
Grant Downes
Josh Sutton
Adam Kleekamp
Zach Roberts
Anna Heacock
Jordan Heacock
Krishman Eakins
Kayle Eakins
Mia Reed
Colleen Kucher
Dmirah Alsager
Zuri Thomas
Erin Sermons
Maddison Pfefier
Mrkayla Esponse
Tya Allen
Claire Ayers
Morgan Holdemeyer
Ama Sullontrup
James Allen
Jerald Allen
?Jazmonay Cozart
?Marneisha Pordos

Kansas City Area Athletes

Vontrae Brooker 
Tyree Sorrells 
Cirr Davis 
Chris McKinzy
Vonzell Kelly 
Sunni Sellers 
Kayla Davis 
Ciara Corley 
Nia Lunn 
Mariah Hackard 
Lauren Smith 
Erin Sermons 
Mikayla Deshazer 
Papay Glaywulu 
Kentwan Blackstock 
Kujaurra Coleman 
Dontae Manning 
Jana Shawver 
Kyra Atkins 
Maddie Harris 
Makayla Kelby 
Jessica Haney 
Sydney Bowers