MTCCCA Announces A New Track & Field Camp

Coaches: Five things:

1st, this link is from Lou Mazocco of Jeff City as an aid for the upcoming weekends especially as it comes to parking.  If you are a MTCCCA member, you already have this.

Lou Mazzocco
Assistant Activities Director
Jefferson City Public Schools
2nd, MTCCCA will host a TF camp at Columbia College on July 10-11-12 for under $250.  There are additional discounts for athletes of MTCCCA coaches and multiple athletes from one school.  For coaches it is under $100, MTCCCA coaches under $50.  Brochures will be at the state meet and a link will soon be on the website.  If you want to see a preliminary copy of the brochure, let me know and I will forward the pdf.
3rd, if you are a member of MTCCCA, you can nominate your athletes for Academic All-State.  Guidelines for nominating are on the website under T&F.  Those nominations should be sent to Secretary, Tim Levine, and his contact is there as well.  Not a member?  Just like AARP, I can help you join. 
4th, the TF Advisory Committee will meet on June 6.  If you have an idea better than Chillicothe sliced bread, pass it on to your local advisory member.  You may not get what you want, but it will be discussed, although if it is against NFHS rules, not for long.
In the dozen or so times I have been to the meeting, I have only made two proposals.  The first was switching the order of events so that the 800 and 1600 are run on one day and the 3200 and 4X8 on the other and we still have that in place.  The second concerned seeding at the 1A-2A state meets from district but with sectionals, new qualifying for finals, that proposal is no longer needed nor used. 
However, I have two proposals for this year.
The first is the use of the double waterfall in the distance events at the district meet when there are between 17 and 24 entries.  As it stands now if 17 are entered, 16 are supposed to be in the fast heat and the 17th would run by themselves.  Many of us have seen the double-waterfall during this season and I have heard no complaints. 
The second is to mandate the measuring and recording of field events to eliminate errors in the misapplication of the rules.  I have evidence posted on milesplit how effective this has been this year in Florida.  Reporting of results would still be in Imperial which is easily handled on Hy-Tek.  If you don't use Hy-Tek I bet there is an app on your phone that will convert it.
5th, some finish line etiquette.  If the timing company at your district/sectional meet this weekend uses a scoreboard, keep in mind what you see there immediately after a race is not OFFICIAL.  It is not official until printed out and maybe even posted on line.  Timing companies are just like you as coaches and just like your athletes in that they also make mistakes.  The difference, however, if that after a performance you cannot fix either yours or your athlete's mistakes, the timing crew can fix theirs as those are clerical mistakes.
If you see a problem, with a timing result - often due to a misread, misplaced or missing hip number - just say, "I think there is a problem with that race."  You do not have to scream it.  If there is a problem that can be fixed, it will.  With field event result, we can still correct after posted - clerical thing again - once notified.  Be aware that while your focus is on little Johnny, the timing crew is focused on other problems, so be patient and clear.