Carthage Has A Historic State Meet

Coach Andrew Youngworth has had an amazing year. First, he was the Missouri Track and Cross Country coach's association president. At our clinic this year during his tenure we set a record for attendance a credit to his coordinated efforts. When talking about his upcoming season we discussed challenges and the stresses of coaching. Coach Youngworth has worked hard for years to build a culture in his neck of the woods and this year it paid off with some serious hardware. As a casual observer, I also noticed that his girl's team had a good year with impressive improvements across the board in a number of different events. On the boys side the Carthage team was very strong a placed in all facets of the track and field game. Horizontal and vertical jumps, hurdles, sprints, relays, and distance events. A great state meet for a great program.

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Mo.milesplit: Coach, a great way to finish the season is winning a top four trophy. How do you feel about the outcome?

Coach Youngworth. I am excited for our kids and coaches.  This is the first track and field trophy in school history.  There are several great teams in Class 4, and it was great to compete against these teams.


Where did this trophy fall in the scheme of your overall plan?

We talked all year about taking it one practice at a time, one event at a time and one meet at a time.   Our yearly goals have remained the same for years: win our home meets, win conference and districts, and compete at a high level in the championship series.  We have never talked much about a state championship, but this will give us a goal to shoot for in the future.  But our focus will remain the same, one practice, one event, one meet at a time.

What was the biggest turning point for your squad at state?

I think it was the first day when we scored in the high jump, 800 and qualified in every event from prelims to finals.  We did not have an individual state champion, just scored in a lot of areas.

Who had the biggest breakthrough in the meet?

I really can't pinpoint one athlete, because all of these kids stepped and competed at a high level. 

Was there any history made at the meet for your program. Medals earned, records broken, or first time all state events?

We qualified the most number of events-13-in school history, along with the most state medalists-10

How do you feel your athletes handled the conditions?

I was pleased with the way the kids handled the delay.  We were in the Jeff City school during the first round of weather and had a chance to eat at Jimmy John's when the second round came thru.  We stressed again why we were here, and I think they really remained focused throughout the day and performed at a high level.

Is there anything you believe the state should do to enhance the state championship or the sport of track and field?

Can't really think of anything else the state could do to make it better.

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