MoMileSplit Subjective Rankings #2: 9/4-9/16

(Photo: Ozark Sports Zone)

Class 1 Boys


15. Zane McAdams - Northeast (Cairo) (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

14. Jesse Schultz Lutheran KC (Previous: 4; Change: -10)

13. Christian Hinrichs - Lutheran KC (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

12. Nathan Ford - New Haven (Previous: 10; Change: -2)

11. Max Davies - West Platte (Previous: 8; Change: -3)

10. Jonathon Brown - Summit Prep (Previous: 6; Change: -4)

9. Tim Madden - New Haven (Previous: 7; Change: -2)

8. Peter Fowers - Laquey (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

7.  Evan Smith - Chadwick (Previous: 15; Change: +8)

6. Jesse Weinstein - Salisbury (Previous: 11; Change: +5)

5. Garrett Fessler - Salisbury (Previous: 12; Change: +7)

4. Braeden Decker - Humansville (Previous: 4; Change: +5)

3. Joseph Rethemeyer - New Haven (Previous: 3; Change: 0)

Joseph Rethemeyer is leading one of the top teams in Class 1 as we continue on through the season. New Haven is breathing down Hermitage's neck as we move into the 2nd half of the season and Rethemeyer will continue to be the key. 

2.  Chase Ratliff - Weaubleau (Previous: 2; Change: 0)

Ratliff hasn't recorded a time (in our database) since SWCCCA, but based on his results from last year and his standing right now, he holds on to the #2 spot in our rankings...but he's very close to the next 5 or 6 athletes behind him. 

1. Easton Sabala - Hermitage (Previous: 1; Change: 0)

Easton Sabala is still far and away the top runner in Class 1 at the moment. Sabala has only been over 16:55 once in 5 attempts this season and it appears that he is on a crash course for his first individual state championship this fall as there is hardly anyone close to him. He is the only Class 1 boy under 17:00 at the moment.


5. Salisbury (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

4. Liberal (Previous: N/R; Change: N/A)

3. Fair Play (Previous: 4; Change: +1)

2. New Haven (Previous: 2; Change: 0)

New Haven is only sitting behind behind Hermitage by a little bit as they are a #5 away from making that jump. The Shamrocks will continue to put pressure on Hermitage as the season goes on and we should be in for a showdown in November. 

1. Hermitage (Previous: 1; Change: 0)

It's a hotly contended race in Class 1 at the moment and Hermitage gets the three-time-state-champ nod in this 2nd in-season installment. The Hornets are just barely sitting ahead of New Haven as the Shamrocks continue to search for the #5.