Missouri Coronavirus Update 3/16

The Missouri State High School Activities Association has released the following statement in regards to Spring Sports:

"Let me speak first to the issue of spring districts and championships.  As of today we are not canceling spring sport championships.  We will stay in communication with state and local officials to help determine the possibility of holding our championships either as scheduled, or moving back into June if schools are still in session, to try to allow these experiences for our students.  This is consistent with our prior efforts to execute a measured response under the guidance of the appropriate health and governmental authorities.  Therefore, if we are able to find locations for hosting the championship series, and schools are wishing to participate in the post season, we will conduct the championships.  We are not canceling all the spring sports at this time!

Now, in regard to spring sport practices...  If a school has determined that they are closing for a period of time due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), then no practices or games should occur during that time.  However, if the school is still in session, then it is a local school decision on the practices and games. Lastly, if the state authorities shut down all schools statewide, we will mirror the shutdown for all practices and contests.

14 Days of Conditioning

The MSHSAA Office will not waive the requirement to have 14 days of conditioning under the supervision of the coach.  Therefore, giving a student a workout plan will not count toward the requirement while schools are not in session and unable to practice at the school. When the students return this spring, they will start with the number of practices they had completed up to this date.  However, if the school wishes to be more restrictive to require more than 14 practices, the school can.

By-Law 3.9.1 Each team must have 14 days of conditioning practice and each individual must have participated in 14 school conditioning practices on 14 different days prior to the date of the first interscholastic contest in all sports. This requirement shall be met if a student has been a member of another school sports team immediately preceding the sport season, has been actively practicing with the sport team, has had 14 days of physical conditioning and begins physical conditioning practice with the new sport team with no more than seven calendar days having passed between the two sports before beginning practice.

I will be asking the MSHSAA Board of Directors at their April meeting to waive the requirements in By-Law 5.1.2:

By-Law 5.1.2 Eligibility: To be eligible to enter a team or individual in any preliminary or state event, a school must have competed in at least half of the number of contests permitted under the by-law pertaining to that particular sport. No individual student shall be entered who has not represented his or her school in interscholastic competition in that sport during the season. This provision does not apply to activities in Section 4 of the Handbook.

We will continue to work with all agencies to monitor and assess this rapidly changing situation.  We will continue discuss all options in an effort to complete the spring season at some point if at all possible.  We will stay in communication with our schools on a regular basis as decisions are made and information is available.  Thank you so much for your continued support! "