Salute to Seniors: Sam Wright

Sam Wright (Hillsboro)

When did you first start running, and do you recall any of your childhood races?
When I was 7, I ran a 100m dash and ran out of my lane so I got disqualified.

Was there a certain moment when you realized you'd be able to compete at such a high level?
After going to the junior olympics and placing 12th in the age group above me. If I was in my age group I would've been 2nd in the nation.

How did COVID impact your training as you prepared for the season?
It made me work harder, and shoot for higher goals. I started working out and changed my mindset to strive for greatness.

Where are you going to college? If you have already committed, what made you choose them?
I am going to Missouri University of Science and Technology. I chose MS&T because of there growing and successful track program and there outstanding academic programs.

Let's discuss the college searching process. What was that like, and what schools did you look at?
It was a long and eye opening experience. Looking at all of the possibilities and trying to make the perfect choice for the next 4+ years of your life is scary. I looked at most D1 and D2 schools around my area.

Is there another track event you wish you were good at? What is appealing about it?
The 800m, it is a hard, mentally draining event. I never got to try it but maybe one day I'll have the chance.

What are some hobbies and interests you have outside of running?
Music, frisbee golf, ping pong, camping and learning new things.

Everyone has a bucket list, so give us some of things on your list!
Skydiving, bungee jumping and traveling across the world.

What is the best advice you have received?
Always strive to surround yourself with those who know more than you. The moment you believe yourself to be the smartest person in the room is the day your growth is in jeopardy.

What is your favorite pre-race snack, tradition, etc.?
Subway run with the boys!

If you could do a sport other than XC/Track, what sport would it be, and why?
Either tennis or soccer. I tried soccer when I was little, and liked it but football got in the way. And tennis because it looks fun.

Any Final Shout outs?
My loving parents that helped with absolutely everything college search related, and never stoped supporting me on the track. Love you guys!

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