2022 Ladue Brusca-Strobach Invitational Photos

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Ladue Horton Watkins High School hosted their first track and field meet at home in six years on Saturday, April 23. The Ladue Phil Brusca-Connie Strobach Invitational hadn't happened at the St. Louis County school's campus since 2016. With major construction of a new stadium and athletic facility as well as work on the high school, the meet was held at Parkway Central for two years while another year set to be at Parkway Central was cancelled due to weather. Weather delays pushed the opening of the gorgeous new track and field complex two weeks after the 2019 meet was scheduled. Then Covid-19 and its ramifications cancelled the meet the last two years.

The stunning facility has a mighty grandstand that provides a view of every competition area including gorgeous horizontal jumps and pole vault runways, as well as a throws area that puts an all-weather javelin runway, discus ring, and three shot put rings close together.  The wait was well worth it for athletes, coaches, and fans.


The new Ladue High School track and field and athletics facility from the top of the press box 4 stories up.

The temperatures hit the mid-80's for what felt like the first time all season, and it showed. Sprinters and hurdlers burned up the track as did Ladue senior Charlie Krasnoff who won the 1600-meters in 4:15.82. Fast in its own right, but consider his splits: 1:08.67, 1:06.02/2:14.68, 1:01.69/3:16.37, and 59.51/4:15.87. The standout and Tulsa commit, after opened the first half in 2:14.68, and closed with two final laps of 61.69 and 59.51 or 2:01.20 for the final half!!! He appears on the verge of joining the sub-4:10 club.