Vote: MoMile All-State Team Small School Boys 400m dash

The staff at Mo Mile Split is looking for our readers' help and input as we compile the all-state teams from the 2023 track and field season.

There will be a Small School team from Classes 1-2 and a Big School team from schools in Classes 3-5. We will have the fans' vote play a part in the decision. To try to make this fair as possible for all the athletes, we will not allow one athlete to be on the all-state team at multiple events. Yes, we know there are some athletes that could be the top choice in a few. There are a lot of talented athletes so trying to spread the wealth and spotlight, if you will.

Class 1 State Track Results | Class 2 State Track Results 

Check back on a new poll for various events over the next few days. We will unveil the all-state team soon before we get into cross country coverage.

Boys 400-meter dash nominees

Marcus JonesSummit Christian -- 1st in Class 2 (49.79) (Pictured Above)

Hunter Cole, Harrisburg -- 2nd in Class 2 (50.31)

Cash Anderson, Ballard -- 3rd in Class 1 (50.48)

Trotter Hughes, Wellington-Napoleon -- 2nd in Class 2 (50.18)