Having Fun Again


Having Fun Again 

After strong performances in the 3200 & 1600 at the Hillcrest Invitational there was great anticipation to see Lee’s Summit West’s Kevin Colon at the Kansas Relays.  In the 3200 on Friday Kevin and Maksim Korloev appeared set for an epic dual as they seperated from the pack quickly.  At the halfway point Korlev continued his seperation in route in an impressive 9:13.57 but Kevin fell off the pace and finished 8th with a 9:38.09.  In the 1600 on Saturday Kevin went 3 wide down the strecth to overtake Korolev and Adam Porter to win the 1600 with a time of 4:19.04 just .07 ahead of Korloev and .14 seconds ahead of Porter.  As a spectator I sensed this was something more than a great comeback in the 1600.  It signaled the return of one of the state’s best distance runners with a win in the prestigous Kansas Relays.



Missouri Mile Split: You just got back from the KU Relays – First word that comes to mind?


Kevin:  Crazy


Missouri Mile Split: Let’s start with the 3200 on Friday – You and Korolev coming out flying. Was that the plan?



Kevin:  Well the plan was to separate early from the pack and switch off every other lap. I was coming off a huge pr the week before with a 9:15 and was feeling great. We were looking to hit 68 each lap, except for the first and last because we figured we would get out hard and finish strong. Looking back onto the race you could definitely say we got out hard, I came through the first 400 in 60 flat and Mak was smarter with a 64. (I had no idea how fast I actually went out and definitely learned my lesson haha). Mak and I are hoping to get together one more time and run a quick 3200 before the state series start.


Missouri Mile Split: Saturday morning you raced the Sprint medley, were you glad to get back on the track so quickly after Friday?


Kevin:  Yeah the sprint medley allowed me to quickly get my mind off of the 3200 and back focused on helping my team out in the relay.


Missouri Mile Split: The 1600 at KU was a stacked field. You line up on the outside, what's your strategy?



Kevin:  The only goal that I set for myself was to be competitive and let the other guys do the work, oh and not go out in world record pace like the 2 mile hahah. It seemed like everyone had the same plan because no one wanted to take the lead. It ended up being a blistering last 800 because the first half was so tactical.

Missouri Mile Split: It was an amazing 3 man race to the line – Have you have had a finish that exciting?


Kevin:    No I have never experienced anything that close and intense. I just thought, hey I can win this, so I just shot out to lane three and drove it in. My sprint buddy’s Zach Gray, Donald Wilcox & Hartzell Gray were trying to recruit me for there 4X1 after seeing my kick hahah


Missouri Mile Split: In the fall of 2008 you were the State 4A Champion in cross country, you were injured in track and then you had what I imagine was a disappointing cross country season. How did you handle all this and what did you do to regain your confidence?


Kevin:  Yeah it’s been kind of like a rollercoaster ride. I was truly blessed to run with such fine runners in Phillip Miller, Jake Henry and Brennan Hampton my junior cross season, they really kept me on the top of my game and helped me improve so much. Unfortunately for me, they all graduated and went of to college, leaving me alone. Pretty much to sum it up I didn’t have fun with my senior XC season. Track this year I reevaluated my goals and made it my priority to have fun with running again.

Missouri Mile Split: I was at the line and I saw pure joy as you crossed the line. I sensed it was more than winning this race, how does it feel to be back on top?


Kevin:  It was relieving to end the meet on a high note. I’m just glad to be feeling good & am ready to do even bigger things in the meets to come.


Thanks Kevin. Your performace on Saturday was amazing. It will be exciting to cheer you on in your quest for even bigger things.