15:00.6! Caleb Hoover's blazing time leads our Week 3 Coverage


Caleb Hoover wins the Southern Stampede with a 15:00.6

photo credit: Sara Dougherty



Caleb Hoover almost breaks the 15:00 barrier with a 15:00.6 at the Southern Stampede.  Neosho's powerhouse duo of Jessica Jackson and Courtney Wood go 1-2 on the ladies side with Jackson running a 17:34.


                                          Jessica Jackson Southern Stampede Champion (Photo credit Chris Auckely)


photo credit Sara Dougherty



Kyle Deeken and Jenny Govero win at the tough Sioux Passage course. In action outside of Missouri, Colleen Quigley continues to be in a league of her own winning by over one minute at the Edwardsville Invitational.


                             photo credit Tom Atwood Media www.tomatwood.net




    Kyle Deeken: Paul Enke Boys Champion            Jenny Govero: Paul Enke Girls Champion




Southern Stampede Varsity Boys


Southern Stampede Varsity Girls


Blue Springs Varsity Boys


Blue Springs Varsity Girls


Paul Enke Varsity Boys


Paul Enke Varsity Girls


Cape Central Varsity Boys


Cape Central Varsity Girls


Fulton Varisty Boys

Fulton Varsity Girls





 Paul Enke Varsity Boys


Paul Enke Varsity Girls




Paul Enke Varsity Boys Race Video


Paul Enke Varsity Girls Race Video


Interview with Jenny Govero and Alyssa Jones