Shattered Records


5 guys and 6 girls took advantage of the fast conditions at Forest Park to finish under previous course record times.

Zach Herriott of Rockhurst (15:10) and Hannah Long of Eureka (18:00) shattered records.  Extensive coverage with photos and interviews from all the JV and Varsity races throughout the day as well as feature stories from Craig Martin.

 The Rock Bridge boys won the team led by Caleb Wiflong who finished second with an unoffical time of 15:18.  Rockhurst finished second with 124 points. 


Other winners included Sheldon Keence (16:15) of St. Charles West in the Varsity Boys White Divison, Kaitlyn Fischer (19:16) in the Varsity Girls White, Monica Lingbeck (16:54 4K) in the JV Girls White Division, Nate Lincoln (17:58) of Cape Notre Dame in the JV Boys White Division, and Sarah Fogarty (16:19 4K) of Ft. Zumalt West in the JV Girls Green Division.


Craig Martin's Girls summary

Craig Martin's Guys Summary

Pre-race story on Hannah Long

Varsity Boys Green Photos

Varsity Girls Green Photos

Varsity Boys White Photos

Varsity Girls White Photos

JV Boys White Photos

JV Girls Green Photos

JV Girls White Photos

JV Boys Green Photos

Photos by Chris Auckley

Post race interview with Zach Herriott

Lead cart video of Herriot crossing 2 mile mark

Post race interview with Hannah Long

Lead cart video of Hannah Long pulling away

Post race interview with Sheldon Keence

Post race interview with Curran Steck

Post race interview with Nate Lincoln

Post race interview with Monica Lingbeck