Hoerr freezes out competition


JEFFERSON CITY – Cheyenne Hoerr should be wary of any “Cash For Gold” ads over the next few weeks.

The Affton senior was weighed down with four gold medals after sweeping her Class 3 sprints and hurdles. She couldn’t mask her exhaustion underneath the smiles, but the joy of her accomplishments still radiated through.

Hoerr, who has signed to run at Ohio State, was camped at the awards’ tent when her events overlapped. She had just finished receiving her medal for the 100 hurdles (14.79) when she had all of seven minutes to get to the bullpen and regroup for the 100-meter dash. She won that, too, in 12.11.

“They are short races, so that helps. If they were longer races, I’d probably need a longer recovery time,” Hoerr said.

Hoerr credited the ice bath back at the hotel Friday night for giving her a fresh start to Saturday’s finals. The chilly dip came at the suggestion of assistant track coach Devon Ford.

“I feel more energized now that I took the ice bath than if I wouldn’t have,” Hoerr said. “I think everybody should take an ice bath. The pain is only temporary, then afterwards you’re fine. When you first get in there it’s a shock, but when you get out you feel refreshed.”

Hoerr returned to the track to earn more gold, winning the 300 hurdles in 44.18 and following with a 24.06 in the 200. Hoerr had been to the state track meet before, but she had never seen the view from the top stand of the podium. The refreshing ice bath Friday helped, too, but she admitted that running in the heat may have benefitted some of her performances.

“It’s my last year, so I guess it makes up for the past four years,” Hoerr said. “I feel I performed better because it was hot. Once you’re warmed up and as long as you keep your sweats on, you don’t have to keep warming up and wasting your energy.”


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