Where are they now? - Eric Schott- Cape Central 2011


Where did you continue your running career after high school?
I continued my running career at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. 
What was the biggest adjustment you had to make to compete at the college level?
The biggest adjustment I had to make at the college level was coming to terms with running is now your job. Everything from: eating, sleeping, school work, to hanging out with friends is centered around your training and being the best you can be. All the guys at MOSO really helped me adjust to this as we were always hanging out together and making sure we kept our eyes on the prize. Being around a team of great guys 24/7 really helped me to adjust to competing at the college level. 
What memories from competing in high school stand out the most?
The memory that sticks out most in my mind was the state 3200m my senior year of track. I had worked all year to break our school record and be all-state. I came up just short finishing 9th but broke my school record by eleven seconds. 
What do you miss most about running in high school?
What I miss most about high school running is having a few laid back meets, where you didn't have to go all out every weekend.  
What piece of coaching or advice that someone gave you has been the biggest help?
The coaching/advice I received that has been the biggest help, was from Mark Hahn who literally forced me to run on the grass some days. At the time I didn't understand and didn't agree with it, but he explained that it was much easier on my legs and that has helped me by allowing me to do more miles, as the majority of my secondary runs are done on grass to help soften the impact on my legs. At Missouri Southern it is very easy to stay off the concrete and harder surfaces. We are always running at soft dirt trails near downtown Joplin and our XC course on campus that is hosting DII nationals this november. 

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