Carthage JH Invitational 2021

Carthage, MO
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Jr. High Invitational


April 6, 2021

 David Haffner Stadium, Carthage, MO

Entries:We will allow two participants for each individual event and one

relay team per division.The coach's

meeting will be at 3:00, field events will start at 3:30 and the running events

will start at 4:00.Participants are

allowed to participate in four events, no more than three running events.

Seeding: There will be no

finals.Heats will be against time based

on entry times.


1/8-inch spikes.

Scoring: Placing 8 with scoring

of 10 - 8 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Medals:Medals for the top three in each event and two team plaques for

each division.

Payment:Make checks payable to

the Carthage Junior High.

($150 for all four divisions, $75 for two divisions.)


for entries will be on Monday, April 5th at 5:00pm


There will be 3 throws in the shot

and discus and 3 jumps in the long and triple.

Discus Order: 8th Boys, 7th Boys, 8th

Girls, 7th Girls

Shot Order: 8th Girls, 7th Girls, 8th

Boys, 7th Boys

High Jump: 8th Boys 4'6, 7th Boys

4'2, 8th Girls 3'8, 7th Girls 3'8

(Bars will raise 2'' each time. Three


Pole Vault: 7th Boys 6', 8th Boys

6'6, 7th Girls 5'6, 8th Girls 5'6

(Bar will raise 6'' each time. Three attempts)

Triple Jump (7B/7G/8B/8G)

Long Jump (8G/8B/7G/7B)   


Field Events Might be Ran Together so Listen for Announcements.



Seventh first then eight. 7G/7B/8G/8B

100 m LH (Girls)

100 m HH (Boys)

100 m Dash

800 m Relay

1600 m Run

400 m Relay

400 m Dash

800 m Run

200 m Dash

Mile Relay

Where everything is at:

Shot Ring and

Discus Ring are located behind the stadium


pits are located on the field.

High Jump

and Pole Vault are located by the end zones.


Track Procedures:

       Please no parents on the

infield. Parents must stay behind the fences.

       Bathrooms and concession stands are

located behind the home side bleachers.

       No food or drinks other than water on

the turf.

       Bad weather - We will shelter in the field

house and locker rooms, we will announce if bad weather occurs.