Tiger Town Invitational 2021

Festus, MO

Meet Information

Coaches and Athletic Directors,

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Tiger Town Invitational @ Festus High School.


Date:Tuesday April 13th, 2021

Site:Tiger Stadium @ Festus R-6 Campus

Time:Field Events start at 3:15 pm and running events at 4:00 pm.  A brief coaches meeting will begin at 3:00 pm in the storage shed near the finish line. You will be allowed to only make scratches, no additions.  Please review the attached starting times for field events.  

We will use a rolling schedule.  It is a school night and we have many Covid Protocols in place.  We should be good to use a rolling schedule and get the athletes home at a decent hour.

Awards:Individual/Relay medals for 1st through 3rd place.  There will be plaques for the Men and Women division champs, based on total team points.



Surface:8 Lane rubberized track.  We allow 3/16 and below on the track and runways.    NO TAPE ON THE TRACK!

Seeding:Heats/Flights will be seeded by time and distances entered.

Field Events:Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin events will have 4 attempts for each athlete. 

*We do not have a Javelin runway.  The ability to include the Javelin will depend on the amount of precipitation in the coming days.  We will err on the side of caution.  If contested, the Javelin will take place behind the Intermediate School (near old throwing areas).

Entry Fees:    The entry fee will be $200.00 per girls team and $200.00 per boys team.  If you have any questions regarding payment please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Eric Allen (636) 937-5946. FEES MUST BE PAID ON OR BEFORE THE DAY OF THE MEET.

Misc:There are bathrooms available. We DO NOT have locker rooms available at the track for athletes.  There will be a concession stand available. 

We will designate areas for tents.  These areas are first come first served.  We appreciate your cooperation.


FIELD AND AROUND THE COMPETING AREAS.  Parents, fans, friends, etc... will not be

allowed down on infield, around the pole vault, jumps, or throwing areas. 

Entry Deadline:Teams will be allowed to enter 3 athletes and 2 relays per event. All entries must be entered on Momilesplit.com by 10 p.m. on  April 12th. Timing will be done by Championship Timing

Order of Running Events (Girls followed by Boys)

Running events start @ 4:00 p.m.

(OPEN 1600M WILL RUN AT 3:00 pm)

4x800 meter relay

100/110 hurdles

100 meters

4x200 meter relay

1600 meter run

4x 100 meter relay

400 meter run

300 meter hurdles

800 meter run

200 meter run

3200 meter run

4x400 meter run

Field Events start @ 3:15

long jump and triple jump will run simultaneously (cafeteria style)

girls discus followed by boys

boys javelin followed by girls

boys shot put followed by girls

boys pole vault followed by girls

girls high jump followed by boys

- Coaches, when you put your entries in, remember that you get 3 ENTRIES IN THE INDIVIDUAL EVENTS AND 2 RELAY TEAMS IN THE RELAY EVENTS.

- The Open 1600M is for Varsity level athletes that are NOT in the meet. However, this will still be competitive at this meet and is intended for DISTANCE RUNNERS ONLYDO NOT ENTER THE OPEN 1600M ATHLETES IN MOMILEThey will be heated in the bullpen when they report.  This event will not be FAT timed; you will need to time your own athletes.

- Please use legit times from this year.

- All entries must be submitted online.

- There will be no additions after the deadline or on the day of the meet.

Covid Protocols

1 - All athletes are expected to remain in their team camps (tents) unless they are warming up in designated areas or competing.  Clusters of athletes around the facility will be instructed to return to their team camp.  We ask that coaches help to monitor this throughout the meet. 

2 - Masks are expected to be worn by all athletes and coaches, unless warming up or competing.

4 - The football field is completely off limits for spectators and athletes, unless warming up. It will be used for a bullpen, staging area, coaches boxes, and designated warm up zone.  Numerous staff members and parents will be on hand to strictly enforce this expectation. 

5 -  Combatting Covid is an individual and team responsibility as well.  We ask that you and your athletes are considerate of others when choosing where and how to establish your team camp. 

6 -  A decision on spectators will be made the week before the Invitational and will be communicated out to all athletic directors. 

Games Committee:Holland (Hillsboro)

                                  Ragland (Park Hills)

                                  Jimmy Stoverink (Jackson)

                                  Stone  (Farmington)

                                 Armbruster (Festus)                           


Opening Heights/Minimum Marks (TBD) :  The heights below are from 2018 & 2019 just as a reference.  We will adjust 2021 to reflect this years entries.

Girls HJ - 42     Boys HJ - 54

Girls PV - 70     Boys PV - 90

Triple and Long Jump:   Cafeteria style - no minimum marks

Exchange Zones:       4X100 - Zone #1 - DeSoto

                                               Zone #2 - Windsor

                                               Zone #3 - Fredericktown

                                  4X200 -  Zone #1 and #3 - Poplar Bluff

                                               Zone #2 - Herky

Attending Schools:Festus  - Hillsboro - DeSoto - Cape N.D. - Potosi - Windsor - Park Hills - Farmington - Jackson - Poplar Bluff - Herky - Fredericktown