The Flying Dutchman: Athlete Spotlight Devon Ridenhour Owensville High School

Devon had a great season last year. However, both Devon and his coach Matt Candrl believe he could be blasting off to huge PRs in the jumps this season. It will be exciting to see if he can consistently jump in the 23-foot range this spring.

Coach Candrl what were your first impressions of Devon when you first met him?

I coached him in MS and knew that he was doing things that HS kids couldn't do.

When did you know he could be truly great?
"When he jumped in a meet at Edwardsville and placed really well.

When did Devon make his biggest breakthrough?
His big break through came during his junior year when he went over 23 feet. He then consequently bruised his heel and we had to back track and protect him all the way through sectionals. He even had to drop out at conference because of the pain.

How does his weekly training look?
Mon Speed, Multi Jumps, Multi-Throws Tues Tempo some approach, and short jumps Wed- Recovery with some running Thurs- similar to Mon, with Relay work Fri.- Tech Jumps and Tempo Runs

Does he have other talents in addition to track and field?
He had a really successful senior year in FB. He played Basketball last year as well.

What do you think makes Devon great as an athlete?
He has power and speed on a tall frame. He gives it his all when he competes and even when I try to shut him down for protection of injury he wants to go out there and compete.

What made you decide to do track and field?
I was always considered fast when I was growing up and my grandpa held the long jump school record at Owensville and so I was determined to break it.

When did you know you could do something special?
I knew I could do something special in 8th grade when I jumped 18'6" and was 1st in the state for middle school on

How has your training been going in the off season both winter and summer?
Over the summer I had to stay in good shape for football and during the winter I just lift weights. I went to the first Big River Running Series meet at Mizzou and plan to go to another soon.

What do you love about track and field?
I love how competitive the sport is and I love meeting new athletes.

What are your goals for this upcoming season and future in the sport of track and field?
My goal for this season is to break my record from last year 23' 8" and to win the state championship again. My goals for the future are to proceed to get better for the next two years at Highland Community College and to transfer to a division 1 college.