Sunday Special: Way Too Early State Projections - Boys and Girls All Classes

(Photo: Greg Hall)

For the finale to our 2017 Missouri Preseason Subjective Rankings, we went through every district and sectional across Classes 1-4 to bring you MoMileSplit's 2017 Way-Too-Early Predictions. Some developments and recent findings over the last few weeks have shifted the results and the previous writings in our subjective rankings lists slightly, as is often the case. Any close calls or toss-ups came down to past results on more difficult courses head-to-head. Some may wonder why some teams beat teams at district that they do not beat at sectional or state. Often a team can beat another team with more or less teams pushing the scores, but when those teams are no longer present or more teams are present, the results can shift. We will revisit these at the end of the year and see how we did! Our preseason predictions are merely meant for fun and by no means are meant to elevate any teams over another or exclude any teams. Please send any specific concerns or comments to and embrace the spirit of civil debate! Enjoy!