Watch List: 5 Girls Teams to Watch This Fall

(Photo: John Jost)

There are a number of boys teams who deserve further profiles. While we don't have the time or resources to giver everyone their due, here's five more teams that need to be placed on your Watch List for the 2017 season. Rankings are determined based on results from the 2016 cross country and individual/team results from the 2017 track and field seasons, with some special emphasis given to results the MSHSAA State Cross Country Championships and MSHSAA State Track and Field Championships

*Special Note: Please understand that these rankings are meant only to profile some of the top athletes in each class and is meant by no means as a way of excluding certain athletes for any reason. Civil discussions on subjective rankings are encouraged and embraced. Comment with anyone you think we left out and please send any private questions, comments or concerns to