The 400m Runners to Watch in Class 1 in 2020

A total of five medalists return this year in the Class 1 Girls 400m. The top returner from last year is Delaney Straus (Marion County) who finished as the runner up last year. In addition to that runner up finish she also won the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m at the State meet last season. She also holds the fastest returning time with a 59.73, and will be challenged by Jasmine Taylor (Braymer) who holds the second fastest returning time at 60.35 and finished third last season.

Click Here for the top 50 returners in the Class 1 Girls 400m

Girls Overall

1. Delaney Straus (Marion County)

2. Jasmine Taylor (Braymer)

3. Lauren Krohn (Princeton)

4. Victoria Orton (St. Joseph Christian)

5. Maggie McLain (Meadville)


1. Jasmine Taylor (Braymer)

2. Victoria Orton (St. Joseph Christian)

3. Melanie Hubbs (Stoutland)

4. Cameran Martin (Crest Ridge)

5. Madison Jones (Osceola)


1. Malia Collins (Jefferson - Conception Junction)

2. Kylee Allred (Breckenridge)

3. Abigail Allred (Lutheran - Kansas City)

4. Sakoya Johnson (Lutheran - St. Charles)

5. Marilyn Farmer (Rock Port)


1. Delaney Straus (Marion County)

2. Lauren Krohn (Princeton)

3. Maggie McLain (Meadville)

4. Katie Schnelle (Lockwood)

5. Caroline Buechter (St. Elizabeth)