Poll: Top Male Track/XC Athlete of the Decade

As the decade draws to a close, we are taking the time to look at the top male Track/XC athletes of the past decade. Look through who we chose a nominees below, and vote for who you think was the best! Voting end on December 28th.  

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Male Athlete of the Decade Nominees

Justin Robinson (Hazelwood West)

100m: 10.32 NWI (MO #1 All-time), 10.52 Wind Legal (MO #4 All-Time)
200m: 20.98 (MO #2 All-Time)
400m: 44.84 (MO #1 All-Time, US #2 All-Time)


2019 US U20 National Champion (400m), 2019 U20 Pan-American Champion (400m), 2019 Senior Pan-American Runner Up (400m), 2018 US U20 Runner Up (400m), 2017 US U20 Bronze Medalist 400m, 2019 NBN Indoor National Champion (400m), 6x State Champion (3x 400m, 2x 200m, 1x100m), 8x State Medalist (3x400m, 3x200m, 2x100m), State Record Holder (400m).

Austin Hindman (Lafayette - Wildwood)

800m: 1:55
1600m/Mile: 4:04 (MO #1 All-Time)
3200m: 8:43 (MO #1 All-Time, US #12 All-Time)
XC 5K: 15:04 (MO #8 All-TIme)


6x State Champion (3x 3200m, 1x 1600m, 1x 800m, 1x XC), 8x State Medalist (3x 3200m, 3x XC, 1x 1600m, 1x 800m), State Record Holder (3200m)

KC Lightfoot (Lee's Summit)

Pole Vault: 18-5 (MO #1 All-Time, US #2 All-Time)


2018 NBN Outdoor National Champion (Pole Vault), 2017/18 NBN Indoor National Runner Up (Pole Vault), 2018 USATF Youth Indoor National Champion (Pole Vault), 2016 USATF Junior Olympic Champion (Pole Vault), 2018 USATF Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2x State Champion (Pole Vault), 4x State Medalist (Pole Vault), State Record Holder (Pole Vault)

Devin Roberson (Jefferson City)

Discus: 218-4 (MO #1 All-Time, US #7 All-Time)

Shot Put: 59-1.5 


2019 NBN Outdoor National Champion (Discus), 2x State Champion (Discus), 5x State Medalist (3x Discus, 2x Shot Put), State Record Holder (Discus)

Rayvon Allen (Rockwood Summit)

Long Jump: 24-0.25 (MO #15 All-Time)

Triple Jump: 51-7.25 (MO #1 All-Time)

300H: 38.04


3x State Champion (2x Triple Jump, 1x Long Jump), 6x State Medalist (3x Triple Jump, 2x 300H, 1x Long Jump), State Record Holder (Triple Jump)

James White (Grandview)

High Jump: 7-5.75 (MO #1 All-Time, US #3 All-Time)

Long Jump: 22-11.5


2x State Champion (High Jump), 4x State Medalist (3x High Jump, 1x Long Jump), State Record Holder (High Jump)