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3 months ago Checking State Entries on Mo.milesplit.com
@coachebert if you click on the calendar link, then switch to November the state meet will show u...
3 months ago 5 classes was mistake
I’m in the process of creating all the virtual meets for district coverage this week, and it’...
3 months ago Class 4: Disparity Observation Between District 1 and 2
@bantazmo tell me where to sign! Seems like a no brainer to me
3 months ago Big Driver in Washington
@11655111 It's a probably the second hardest course I've ever been to, behind Sioux Passage. It's...
3 months ago Class 4: Disparity Observation Between District 1 and 2
@mcehlen There are eight girls teams in District 2 not six
3 months ago State Qualification for XC
Those 5 do get a team score though
3 months ago KC Suburban Gold Conference Results
@mshortino They went up on the site almost exactly when you posted this haha
3 months ago Uploading results to Momilesplit
@tkgc65 I do about 90% of them myself. With the other 10% done by our National team. I have to ma...
4 months ago Class 1,2 and 3 distirict 2
@zoughaibs A coach I know got an email from Don Mauer saying they will be held at McNair Park alo...
4 months ago Course Map
@coachcasa Coach I just wanted to say thank you. I use these maps every week in our newsletter to...
4 months ago Course Map
@Hays by St. Charles County do you mean McNair Park? Asking for a friend
4 months ago Why is there no Jr high girls or varsity boys and girls results posted?
@kennyrenae Those results were user submitted. MileSplit doesn't have any results from this meet.
4 months ago Gans Creek Classic Video Feed from Prime Time Timing
@WoodenXC2022 We will have a link on the front page of MoMileSplit tomorrow morning with a free l...
4 months ago Districts are posted.....nice work MSHSAA (said sarcastically)
I have many complaints (Class 5 District 2 & 8) but the one thing they got right was not splittin...
4 months ago STL area travel restriction-Will it end?
@esnich from my understanding of the guidelines moving the meet wouldn't do much. Schools in St. ...
4 months ago SWCCCA and fast times
@KernSorrell Seems legit to me. MSSU on the otherhand... ha
5 months ago Did they get it right???
@esnich In addition to what Hays said above, he had also mentioned in another thread that they we...
5 months ago Did they get it right???
@zoughaibs There's no question that some of these will be wrong. We did this all manually, so the...
6 months ago Who's Out
@MinnesotaSlim I think this is basically them saying they are going to "consider" the other optio...
6 months ago Who's Out
@MinnesotaSlim I believe you are correct.
6 months ago Who's Out
Maplewood-Richmond Heights starting the year online
6 months ago New classes for XC
@XCMannDad Not until September.
9 months ago Upcoming Cross Country season
@szoughaib I think it would never come to that. The decision would be are we in school? Then we h...
9 months ago Workout Tracking App for XC?
Hey coaches, I was wondering if anyone has found a good app for tracking our kids workouts. I've ...
10 months ago Scholarships
@rpxc The coach at Pittsburg State emailed me yesterday, and told me if I had any kids who were u...
10 months ago NCAA Indoor Track
I fear it is just a matter of time for us as well.
1 year ago Championship scoring system
It’s gone, thanks for the heads up!
1 year ago No Sectionals for Class 4 or 5 Next Season
What are everyone's thoughts about their not being Sectionals in Class 4 or 5 next year? Qualifyi...
1 year ago Dean Hays
When you get rid of the multiplier, there would be some interesting shifts in the larger classes....
1 year ago How do I find a previous athletes tinformation that ran on my team?
@Efruend Is this her? [url=https://mo.milesplit.com/athletes/5485288-julia-fruend]https://mo.mile...
1 year ago Double Sectionals
@mutiger31 I didn’t see any specific meet information. I’d assume there will be for our distr...
1 year ago Double Sectionals
@mutiger31 Yeah I was checking the MSHSAA site to see if there was meet information for Districts...
1 year ago Double Sectionals
It’s really frustrating to me that Class 4 Sectional 1 and Class 4 Sectional 2 are both being h...
1 year ago Why would a JV meet in Nixa not post their records?
@XCGloriaDeoA17 The timer just hadn't sent them in yet. We have them now and will be up shortly.
1 year ago Class 4 District 1 Webster Groves?
@coachstove thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now
1 year ago Help Needed
@esnich Just let me know the 2 names and what school and I can get them merged for you!
1 year ago District Assignments
@szoughaib I think they were referring to schools moving due to the incoming Class 5 causing reor...
1 year ago Why so late on district assignments?
@xcNBtf from what I read of the MSHSAA release on that and saw reported in a couple of newspapers...
1 year ago Sectionals and Districts?
Dean Hays just sent out the following email with host sites for Districts/Sectionals. It looks to...
1 year ago Why so late on district assignments?
@xcNBtf Track and XC will still be using the multiplier and will not be using the point system.
1 year ago Gans Creek Registration
@chester1976 coach Holt, if you'll send me an email support believes they found a fix. Rtaylor@mi...
1 year ago Gans Creek Registration
@chester1976 Yeah sounds like something’s not up. I’ll pass this on to support and see what t...
1 year ago Gans Creek Registration
@chester1976 What browser are you using? I just tried it in chrome and it popped right up.
1 year ago Gans Creek Registration
@mutiger31 As far as the Gans Creek entry deadline, that's up to the meet director. I can cont...
1 year ago MSHSAA Rosters Import to MileSplit
Coaches, I just thought I'd update everyone on the situation with roster uploads. MSHSAA will be ...
2 years ago Class 5 State Meet Pictures
@SheriJoe Sorry we were caught up at the NCAA Championships last week! They will be up by the end...
2 years ago Track & Field 2020 - 2021
First time in awhile I’ve actually been happy about a MSHSAA decision
2 years ago State Pictures
@featheredfrizzle You can't. Race Photo's are one of the benefits of being a subscriber.
2 years ago Class 5 State Meet Pictures
@xc929 they should be up early next week. Takes a bit for him to get them all edited
2 years ago State time schedule
I don't have any kids effected by the prelim situation, but wouldn't it make more sense to have o...