Fantasy Cross Country Week 4: Awakening A Sleeping Szabo

In Week 4, there were a number of strong performances from a number of athletes who hadn't been their respective fantasy team's #1 up to this point. Others were either resting or running workouts at low-key meets. Week 4 thus presented a couple of new teams in the Top 2 and a couple of new teams in the bottom half of the weekly standings. A rough week by Team Wang's standards had him finish 5th, just behind Team Hackett. Hackett didn't have the typical low score from Mugeche that he had been used to and Team Wang is typically not led by Nicholas Ondr. Without Ondr's sub-16, though, it may have been an even rougher week for him. Team Szabo had only been in the Top 4 teams once this season, when he was 4th in Week 1, but in Week 4, he had a phenomenal week led by his two West Plains studs Ethan Hutchinson and Ben Stasney scoring 2 and 3 points for him respectively. He was then helped along by a 15:59 3 mile by Dean Frossard (converted to 16:35) and Jared Neikirk giving him a 16:38. A better day from Jimmy Dietrich or Jackson Letcher could've seen Szabo closer to the high 40s, low 50s on the week but he still would've came out victorious regardless. Following Team Szabo was Rubin/Hoffman who snuck into 2nd even without Stephen Kielhofner racing last week. In this week, we caught a glimpse of the potential that Rubin/Hoffman has to make a big jump once Kielhofner starts putting down his crazy times with more regularity. They also took 2nd with only 4 runners getting a time on the day. 

I was just behind Rubin/Hoffman on the week. I still haven't gotten everyone together on the same day... Procell is biding his time and the Blue Springs boys didn't run up to their potential again. Also I was missing Ryan Flood and neglected to start Easton Sabala who broke 17 twice in Week 4. Riddle gave me the 1-2 spot he should be grabbing every week, and Buffington crushed it for me at Stampede, too, but I just still haven't gotten that big week from everyone at the same time yet.. Maybe Week 5 will be different!

1Ryan Riddle15.37DeekenRubin/Hoffman828
2Ethan Hutchinson15.48.5SzaboDeeken927
3Ben Stasney15.50.2SzaboHackett1096
4Nicholas Ondr15.53.6WangWang1145
5Ean Buffington15.53.8DeekenCrowe1224
9Jacob McCrackin16.11.8Farber
10Ben Burnett16.16.1Spe
11Zach Grover16.19FarberOVERALL SCORES
12Victor Mugeche16.28.3HackettWANG33
13Matt Hauser16.31.8HackettHACKETT31
14Dean Frossard16.35.7SzaboSZABO24
15Haddon Spikereit16.35.8DeekenDEEKEN22
16Jared Neikirk16.38SzaboRUBIN/HOFFMAN22
17Mason Marshall16.39.9CroweSPEWAK21
18Matyas Csiki-fejer16.41.8WangFARBER14
20Max McDaniel16.43.7Spe
21Mason Gaines16.52.2Crowe
22Edward Wilhite16.53.0Wang
23Jacob Ewer16.53.5Spe
24Christian Baker16.57.2Hackett
25Mark Venable17.00Crowe
26Jace Hull17.00.4Crowe
27Oaklee Hauschild17.00.4Wang
28Luke Byrne17.03Hackett
29Kylan Rottinghaus17.03.8Spe
30Nolan Dick17.06.5Farber
31Jimmy Dietrich17.11.7Szabo
32Dylan Hayes17.12.5Hackett
33Luke Winkler17.19.0Crowe
34Isaac Ashton17.20.3Deeken
35Nick Warmann17.21.1Farber
36Preston Wheeler17.24.6Hackett
37Gabe McClain17.41Deeken
38Christian Procell17.41.5Deeken
39Alex Szabo17.46.5Crowe
40Jonah Loewe17.52.2Spe
41Jackson Letcher17.56.1Szabo

Team Rosters updated as of 9/20 (new additions in italics):