Fantasy Cross Country Week 7: Wang Versus Hackett...What Else Is New?

Team Wang and Team Hackett are well out in front in the league, but Week 7 showed just why that happens to be the case. Hackett came out on top again this week with 32 points and Wang was just behind with 48. Team Farber was 3rd with 103. Yes, you read that right. There was a full 55 point difference between 2nd and 3rd, but only 16 points between the top 2. Hackett and Wang had the top 5 boys on the week with Hackett's Victor Mugeche, Kevin Koester, and Christian Baker all being the three fastest of the week. Wang's top 2 Oaklee Hauschild and Nassim Oufattole were the next two fastest. Szabo's Harrison Brown was 6th, but Wang's Kolin Overstreet and Matyas Csiki-fejer were 7 and 8. Hackett's Blake Selm was 10th, just behind Hoffman/Rubin stud Chandler Gibbens. So Hackett and Wang both had 4 in the top 10 and the difference came down to Hackett's Tom Seitzer taking 18th, 7 places ahead of Wang's Andrew Connor. It was, in a word, a dominating week for these two teams as they made it very clear who the top two teams in the league are. 

My week was solid, but another off week for Ryan Riddle hurt me once again. I also made a few moves to get some boys who I thought might benefit from a run on the McNair course, but it actually probably would have been more advantageous to stick with my Blue Springs boys... That'll learn me... Luckily, Easton Sabala and Ryan Flood picked me up this week so I actually did not take too hard of a hit by finishing 4th this week. I made a few more moves to get some boys who are heading to some fast courses this week and, after checking out COC-Large Schools results (hopefully coming to the site soon), I think I will be looking good in Week 8.

Major trade alert: Crowe and Farber decided to essentially deal their entire teams. Here are the trades that went down Tuesday:

Crowe trades Pat Hetlage to Farber for Nolan Dick- Crowe drops Nolan Dick and picks up Chase Ratliff- Weubleau (7:38 AM)

Crowe trades Mark Veneable Isaac Stout Caleb Cornelius Mason Gaines Trenton Wells Cole Cooper Chase Ratliff to Farber for Thomas Nield Andrew Lofgren Zach Grover Zane Yates Nick Warmann Cerow Aligab (11:17 AM)

One final move was made by Team Crowe to even out the rosters, but Hackett, unable to fully process what had just happened, accidentally submitted a lineup that may or may not keep him from repeating in Week 8:

Starting lineup: Jack Wildman, The Wiley Russian Veteran, Vito Busman, Bob Buttley, Screech Moneybags Pennypacker the third, Stick, and Stormy McGillicuddy. (2:00 PM)

Here are the results from Week 7:

1Victor Mugeche15.44.2HACKETTWANG488
2Kevin Koester15.52HACKETTFARBER1037
3Christian Baker16.03.9HACKETTDEEKEN1196
4Oaklee Hauschild16.05.3WANGCROWE1335
5Nassim Oufattole16.08.2WANGRUBIN/HOFFMAN1404
6Harrison Brown16.09.12SZABOSZABO1423
7Kolin Overstreet16.21WANGSPE1422
8Matyas Csiki- fejer16.21.6WANG
9Chandler Gibbens16.23.1RUBIN/HOFFMAN
11Andrew Lofgren16.24.7FARBERHACKETT57
12Kyle Anderson16.25.5SPEWANG56
13Ben Burnett16.27.4SPERUBIN/HOFFMAN42
14Eastan Sabala16.32.9DEEKENDEEKEN39
15Nick Warmann16.34.5FARBERSZABO36
16Ryan Flood16.35.7DEEKENFARBER30
17Alex Geoghegan16.36.3CROWESPEWAK28
18Tom Seitzer16.38.4HACKETTCROWE27
19Tyler Rodvelt16.39.4RUBIN/HOFFMAN
20Zach Grover16.43.1FARBER
21Trenton Wells16.43.8CROWE
22Zane Yates16.45.4FARBER
23Eli Gusman16.48.4CROWE
24Charlie Teeter16.49.7DEEKEN
25Andrew Connor16.49.8WANG
26Peter Cambell16.51.2WANG
27Ben Stasney16.51.3SZABO
28Drew Reis16.52.4DEEKEN
29Nathan Reed16.55.3SPE
30Caleb Feuerbacher16.55.7RUBIN/HOFFMAN
31Kiefer Dooley16.56.6WANG
32Ethan Hutchinson16.57.4SZABO
33Pat Hetlage16.58.5CROWE
34Jimmy Dietrich17.01.9SZABO
35Jacob McCrackin17.02.7FARBER
36Matthew Hauser17.04.2HACKETT
37Zach Reed17.06.17DEEKEN
38Caleb Boys17.07.1RUBIN/HOFFMAN
39Mason Gaines17.16CROWE
40Alex Szabo17.18.7SZABO
41Sean Deeken17.22.2DEEKEN
42Jonah Loewe17.22.3SPE
43Jackson Letcher17.25.4SZABO
44Cole Biesemeyer17.31RUBIN/HOFFMAN
45Nolan Dick18.32.6FARBER

Here are the updated lineups with italics indicating new additions to the roster: