Salute to Seniors : Morgan Smith

What was your most memorable meet or race?  

My sophomore year at a meet in Blue Springs I was running the 100MH against my toughest competition and I had never beat her before.  I got to the last hurdle and fell.  I didn't place and boy was my pride hurt.  I came back later in the 300MH and set the meet record and beat my competition.  Everyone says you aren't a true hurdler until you have fallen- that night I became a "hurdler".


Out of all your high school accomplishments, which stands out the most?

Winning State my Junior year in the 300MH.  I came in seated third and counted out of contention for first by everyone.  I came out like I was on fire and didn't stop until the very end.


If you could do it all over again is there anything you would change?  

I would have hit the weight room earlier.  I didn't understand that until later in my high school career.  Duh- how are you going to get stronger so you can be faster?  Just didn't sink in.


What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?  

Having to be that girl that can't go and hang out or go to a function with friends because I have track practice or a track meet.  Realizing that those things mattered, but running came first and staying focused.

What will you miss the most?  

The friendships that I have made over the last 4 years.  I was able to go to a meet and not see strangers.  We may not have all gone to the same school or been friends on the track, but off the track and on the turf we were all friends.

Do you have any advice for younger athletes?

Don't quit, keep going!

What are your college plans?

I will be running hurdles at University of Nebraska- Lincoln.  Can't wait to get to the next level.  It's a little scary and overwhelming to see the competition, but I am ready to try!

Who would you like to thank?

I have had great coaches starting out in AAU, Greg Miller told my mom if I ever grew into my feet I would be pretty good, I guess I grew into my feet.  I have had David Stark who had me hurdle as soon as I got to High School.  I freaked out the first time and went back and said that I wasn't sure I could three step- he assured me I could do it.  Coach Swift for dragging me to Cross Country where I quit after every race on Saturday, but show back up for practice on Monday, they knew where I lived and I am sure they would come find me.  Coach Everett Shepherd that jumped ship my Senior year for Grain Valley, but I knew that no matter what I could count on him for a smile and encouraging words- to which I still get from him at meets.  Coach FOSTER, I can't say his name quietly, for stretching me out before each of my races and coming out to support me on those cold Saturday Cross Country mornings.  All of my team mates, old and new who are there to hold my blocks, calm me down before a race or scream for me as I lose momentum on the corners.  Most of all my Mom.  She never missed a meet.  I can hear her voice across the field.  She is my biggest fan.  She always knew what to say, not always when to say it, but what to say.  She always came with a big bag of food for anyone who needed something to eat or drink, she was the "Track Mom", and I know not having her at all of the meets next year is going to be a bit weird.