Salute to Seniors : Skopec Triplets

Want to be featured in our 2015 Salute to the Senior Class? Here's how

What was your most memorable race/meet: Districts 2014. It was our goal all summer to win districts and to qualify for state as a team, and to become a top tier team at State.

Who was your biggest competition? Springfield Catholic- Tied with us at conference, an took the title.

Out of all of your high school accomplishments which stands out the most? Ozone's Athletes of the Week, and Ryan earning All State Honors, and Kyle just barely missing it.

If you could do it all over again what would you change about your career in high school? Working as hard as we did our senior year, throughout our entire high school career. Just running everyday all summer long, weekends, mornings, and afternoons just pushing ourselves to our limits, made us both mentally and physically stronger.

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome? Battling the mental pressures before every race knowing that you have a job to do, not for yourself, but for your team.

What will you miss the most? Running as a Liberator, and running for Coach Bandy. #Ronbandyroadwarrior

Do you have any advice for younger athletes? Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Stick up with the top guys, and don't be afraid to hurt. Success will only come after putting in the hard work.

What are your college plans? Running for the University Of Central Missouri. Go Mules!

Who would you like to say thank you to? We'd like to thank our teammate, Coach Bandy, Coach Mac, Coach Newcomb, and Coach Bayless. We'd also like to thank Austin Hindman, Dylan Quissenberry, Jack Jeffers, Stephen Mugeche, Inman twins, Camden Barret, Tyler Gillam, Michael Karls, Chris Auckley, Blake Barth, Marcus Johnson, Nathan Hall, Clayton Adams, Ben Wingo, Simon Belete, Amos Bartelsmyer, Jackie Vo, Jesse Herd, Chandler Yeary, Jonathan Murphey, Tanner Hobbs, Devin Meyrer, Alec Haines, Spencer Haik, Chris Mooneyham, Evan Schultes, Austin King, Caleb Gaylord, Ben Naeger, Jacob Sweiss, Najim Udiachinonon, James Kosbar, Ryan Pate, Kaden Overstreet, Jared Ozee, Nathan Straubel, Malik Holman, Jamie Kempfer, David and Daniel Everett, Drew White, Seth Brown, Ty Hughes, Trent Classen, Ryan Parson, Daylan Quinn, Ian Frazier, Ryan Way, Cameron Burley, Evan Craig, Taylor Werner, Hannah Long, Anna West, Sydner Sanders, Courtney Rogers, Claire Workman, David Gray, Jade Raynor, Allison Bailey, Tabitha Weber, Sophia Racette, Mia Jerman, Carolyn White, Taylor Stephens, Jeff Berryessa, and Joe Bill Dixon for making cross country entertaining.