Salute to Seniors : Jerrick Powell

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What was your most memorable race/meet?

Placing 3rd in the state meet my sophomore year because we accomplished a lot with the small amount of people we had. Our 4x200 didn't make it to state because of one of our legs pulled his hamstring and also Jamal Robinson our fastest runner didn't make it to the finals in the 100m dash because he false start. Then our 4x100 dropped the baton and this was just on the 1st day so I thought we were done for, but we ran with what we had and it came down to the 4x400. We end up winning the 4x400 and beating the top dogs in the 4x400 that year Hazelwood Central. That race helped us get a trophy and this was important because this was our school's first trophy since 1978.

My most memorable race is running a 3:14.98 in the 4x400 which is the 3rd fastest 4x400 in state ever almost breaking the state record

Who was your biggest competition? Individual: Jayson Ashford from SLUH in the 200 we always have photo finish endings

Team: In my sophomore and junior year it would be Hazelwood Central, but this year I would say SLUH since they are in my conference and they are great competition

Out of all of your high school accomplishments which stands out the most? Getting a full scholarship to Hampton University and running the 3rd fastest 4x400 ever in state running a 3:14.98

If you could do it all over again what would you change about your career in high school? Getting another chance to run the 300m hurdles because last year I got 2nd and I believe I could've won that year

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome? Battling injuries of course my junior and senior I injured my knee in high jump my junior year and it's been a roller coaster with my knee

Beating the top dogs (Hazelwood Central) in the 4x400 my sophomore year

What will you miss the most? The brotherhood I have with my team and my coaches I've gotten close to them these past 4 years and will miss them when I head off to college

Do you have any advice for younger athletes?
Never give up, strive for greatness, and listen to your coaches (they know what they are talking about)

What are your college plans? I'm going to Hampton University and I will be doing the decathlon

Who would you like to say thank you to? The list will go on and on because there are so many people that helped me get to where I am, but I want to first thank my mother for supporting me and always being my #1 fan at the track meets. Also I want to thank Coach Norwood, Coach Buckvar, and Coach Tripp these three coaches have been a huge help in my track life