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The Henle Holmes Video Hub

Fast Heat of the Boy's 300IH Jekeel Suber of Parkway North

The Henle Holmes Invite at Parkway Central once again lived up to its mid-season reputation as one of the most competitive regular season meet in the state of Missouri. Our staff filmed a large number of race videos from the two days of competition. Due to where the Good Friday holiday fell the meet was moved from its typical Thursday-Friday schedule to a Wednesday-Thursday schedule. The conditions at the meet were perfect. Having a two-day meet allows coaches to figure out how their athletes respond to a schedule that mimics a state meet. A lot of data can be pulled by having your athletes experience competing for the day after the competition and how to manage the period of time in between.

Every Henle Holmes ends with arguably the most intense 4x400 meter relays. The crowds are much larger than a typical track and field meet. The people in attendance tend to be track and field fans not just parents or relatives of the athletes. The facility and jumbotron add to the environment bring an extra buzz around the meet. Please click here to watch the rest of the Henle Holmes Invitational Videos. The videos include many of our state's future and current stars battle it out with the St. Louis areas best. 

The fast heat of the boy's 4x100 meter relay.